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Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Einreichdatum in Absteigend Ordnung): 1 bis 20 von 1301
2016RFID-based real-time production monitoring in a variant production environmentHameed, Bilal
2017Siliziumbasierte photonische Bauelemente für optische EmpfängerFöhn, Thomas
2017Performance anomaly detection in microservice architectures under continuous changeDüllmann, Thomas F.
2012Get started imminently: using tutorials to accelerate learning in automated static analysisOstberg, Jan-Peter; Wagner, Stefan
2014Scrum for cyber-physical systems: a process proposalWagner, Stefan
2016Rule extraction for multi bottom-up tree transducersSeemann, Nina
2017A system-theoretic safety engineering approach for software-intensive systemsAbdulkhaleq, Asim
2017Boron partitioning coefficient above unity in laser crystallized siliconLill, Patrick C.; Dahlinger, Morris; Köhler, Jürgen R.
2017Mining Java packages for developer profiles : an exploratory studyRamadani, Jasmin; Wagner, Stefan
2017Direction of arrival estimation using a multiple-input-multiple-output radar with applications to automobilesRambach, Kilian
2014A network abstraction for control systemsCarabelli, Ben W.; Dürr, Frank; Koldehofe, Boris; Rothermel, Kurt
2017Data provisioning in simulation workflowsReimann, Peter
2016Augmented reality at the workplace : a context-aware assistive system using in-situ projectionFunk, Markus
2016Local divisors in formal languagesWalter, Tobias
2015A comprehensive safety engineering approach for software-intensive systems based on STPAAbdulkhaleq, Asim; Wagner, Stefan; Leveson, Nancy
2016Empirical research plan: effects of sketching on program comprehensionBaltes, Sebastian; Wagner, Stefan
2016KPI-related monitoring, analysis, and adaptation of business processesWetzstein, Branimir
2016Enriching mobile interaction with garment-based wearable computing devicesSchneegass, Stefan
2016Modeling the interface between morphology and syntax in data-driven dependency parsingSeeker, Wolfgang
2016Towards guidelines for preventing critical requirements engineering problemsMafra, Priscilla; Kalinowski, Marcos; Méndez Ferández, Daniel; Felderer, Michael; Wagner, Stefan
Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Einreichdatum in Absteigend Ordnung): 1 bis 20 von 1301