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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Phonon absorption-spectroscopy in the presence of strong elastic phonon scatteringMebert, Joachim; Koblinger, Otto; Döttinger, Siegfried; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1980Phonon detection by the fountain pressure in superfluid 4Helium filmsEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1970Phonon emission by quasiparticle decay in superconducting tunnel junctionsKinder, Helmut; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1975Phonon emission spectra of thin metallic filmsFrick, Wolfgang; Waldmann, Dieter; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1969Phonon generation and detection by single particle tunneling in superconductorsEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1981Phonon imagingEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Phonon physics : acoustics at terahertz frequenciesEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1982Phonon scattering at siliconcrystal surfacesMarx, Dieter; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1986Phonon scattering at surfaces and interfacesEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1994Phonon spectroscopy measurements at amorphous filmsMebert, Joachim; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1985Phononenphysik : Akustik bei Terahertz-FrequenzenEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1974Phononenphysik mit supraleitenden TunnelkontaktenEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1988Physikalisch-medizinische Aspekte selbstfokussierter elektromagnetisch erzeugter StoßwellenEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Piezo and pyroelectricity in electrets : caused by charges, dipoles, or both?Sessler, Gerhard M.; Das-Gupta, Dilip K.; deReggi, Aimé S.; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Furukawa, Takeo; Giacometti, José A.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, Reimund
1990Polarization distribution in PVDF obtained by poling under constant current conditionNeumann, Guido; Bihler, Eckardt; Eberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1989Polarization distributions in isotropic, stretched or annealed PVDF filmsBihler, Eckardt; Holdik, Karl; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1988Polarization distributions in isotropic, stretched or annealed PVDF filmsBihler, Eckardt; Holdik, Karl; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Polarization dynamics of VDF-TrFE copolymersEberle, Gernot; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1990Polarization profiles of electron-beam polarized VDF-TrFE copolymer filmsSchilling, Doris; Glatz-Reichenbach, Joachim; Dransfeld, Klaus; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1989Polarization profiles of polyvinylidene fluoride films polarized by a focused electron beamSchilling, Doris; Dransfeld, Klaus; Bihler, Eckardt; Holdik, Karl; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang