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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adjustable polystyrene nanoparticle templates for the production of mesoporous foams and ZnO inverse opalsAbitaev, Karina; Qawasmi, Yaseen; Atanasova, Petia; Dargel, Carina; Bill, Joachim; Hellweg, Thomas; Sottmann, Thomas
2023A complementary experimental and theoretical approach for probing the surface functionalization of ZnO with molecular catalyst linkersKousik, Shravan R.; Solodenko, Helena; YazdanYar, Azade; Kirchhof, Manuel; Schützendübe, Peter; Richter, Gunther; Laschat, Sabine; Fyta, Maria; Schmitz, Guido; Bill, Joachim; Atanasova, Petia
2017Cuttlebone-like V2O5 nanofibre scaffolds - advances in structuring cellular solidsKnöller, Andrea; Runčevski, Tomče; Dinnebier, Robert E.; Bill, Joachim; Burghard, Zaklina
2023Fast one‐step fabrication of highly regular microscrolls with controllable surface morphologyDiem, Achim M.; Bill, Joachim; Burghard, Zaklina
2013Genesis of amorphous calcium carbonate containing alveolar plates in the ciliate Coleps hirtus (Ciliophora, Prostomatea)Lemloh, Marie-Louise; Marin, Frédéric; Herbst, Frédéric; Plasseraud, Laurent; Schweikert, Michael; Baier, Johannes; Bill, Joachim; Brümmer, Franz
2020Highly porous free-standing rGO/SnO2 pseudocapacitive cathodes for high-rate and long-cycling Al-ion batteriesJahnke, Timotheus; Raafat, Leila; Hotz, Daniel; Knöller, Andrea; Diem, Achim Max; Bill, Joachim; Burghard, Zaklina
2023In situ ultra-small- and small-angle X-ray scattering study of ZnO nanoparticle formation and growth through chemical bath deposition in the presence of polyvinylpyrrolidoneAbitaev, Karina; Atanasova, Petia; Bill, Joachim; Preisig, Natalie; Kuzmenko, Ivan; Ilavsky, Jan; Liu, Yun; Sottmann, Thomas
2012Influence of zinc on the calcium carbonate biomineralization of Halomonas halophilaRothenstein, Dirk; Baier, Johannes; Schreiber, Thomas D.; Barucha, Vera; Bill, Joachim
2019Moment dynamics of Zirconia particle formation for optimizing particle size distributionHalter, Wolfgang; Eisele, Rahel; Rothenstein, Dirk; Bill, Joachim; Allgöwer, Frank
2019Peptide controlled shaping of biomineralized tin(II) oxide into flower-like particlesKilper, Stefan; Jahnke, Timotheus; Wiegers, Katharina; Grohe, Vera; Burghard, Zaklina; Bill, Joachim; Rothenstein, Dirk
2016Piezoelectric templates - new views on biomineralization and biomimeticsStitz, Nina; Eiben, Sabine; Atanasova, Petia; Domingo, Neus; Leineweber, Andreas; Burghard, Zaklina; Bill, Joachim
2017Strengthening of ceramic-based artificial nacre via synergistic interactions of 1D vanadium pentoxide and 2D graphene oxide building blocksKnöller, Andrea; Lampa, Christian P.; Cube, Felix von; Zeng, Tingying Helen; Bell, David C.; Dresselhaus, Mildred S.; Burghard, Zaklina; Bill, Joachim