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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20233D FEM simulation of titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) machining with harmonic endmill toolsKalu-Uka, Abraham; Ozoegwu, Chigbogu; Eberhard, Peter
2022Analysis of mixed uncertainty through possibilistic inference by using error estimation of reduced order surrogate modelsKönecke, Tom; Hose, Dominik; Frie, Lennart; Hanss, Michael; Eberhard, Peter
2021Analysis of the SPH interpolation moments matrix with regard to the influences of the discretization error in adaptive simulationsHeinzelmann, Pascal; Spreng, Fabian; Sollich, Daniel; Eberhard, Peter; Williams, John R.
1992Analyzing and optimizing multibody systemsBestle, Dieter; Eberhard, Peter
1994Automated approach for optimizing dynamic systemsBestle, Dieter; Eberhard, Peter
2017Comparison of distributed model predictive control approaches for transporting a load by a formation of mobile robotsEbel, Henrik; Sharafian Ardakani, Ehsan; Eberhard, Peter
2017Comparison of local and global approaches for parametric model order reduction for systems with distributed moving loadsFröhlich, Benjamin; Eberhard, Peter
2013Cooperative search by combining simulated and real robots in a swarm under the view of multibody system dynamicsTang, Qirong; Eberhard, Peter
2022Coupled vehicle-guideway dynamics simulations of the Transrapid with discretized levitation magnet forcesSchneider, Georg; Schmid, Patrick; Dignath, Florian; Eberhard, Peter
2013Experimental investigations on impact transmission through a plateFischer, Christian; Eberhard, Peter
1994Integrated modeling, simulation, and optimization of multibody systemsEberhard, Peter; Bestle, Dieter
2023Interpolation‐based parametric model order reduction of automotive brake systems for frequency‐domain analysesMatter, Fabian; Iroz, Igor; Eberhard, Peter
2015Inverse fuzzy arithmetic for the quality assessment of substructured modelsIroz, Igor; Carvajal, Sergio; Hanss, Michael; Eberhard, Peter
2013Investigation and design of an impact actuated micro shift valveFischer, Christian; Fritz, Karl-Peter; Eberhard, Peter; Kück, Heinz
2023Investigation of chip jamming in deep-hole drillingBaumann, Andreas; Eberhard, Peter
1994Mehrkriterienoptimierung von MehrkörpersystemenEberhard, Peter; Bestle, Dieter
2023Methods of model order reduction for coupled systems applied to a brake disc‐wheel compositeMatter, Fabian; Iroz, Igor; Eberhard, Peter
2020Model-based vibration control for optical lensesStörkle, Johannes; Eberhard, Peter
2022Modeling of the Transrapid’s electromagnets and the application to large mechatronic vehicle modelsSchmid, Patrick; Schneider, Georg; Kargl, Arnim; Dignath, Florian; Liang, Xin; Eberhard, Peter
2020Modeling, simulation, and vision-/MPC-based control of a PowerCube serial robotFehr, Jörg; Schmid, Patrick; Schneider, Georg; Eberhard, Peter