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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Anomalous recovery of the remanent polarization after heating polarized PVDF films up to 180°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1994Binding energies of trapped charges in PVDF and P(VDF/TrFE)Küssner, Bodo; Dehlen, Bernhard; Eberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Dynamics of poling PVDF between 25°C and 120°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Electric-field profiles in corona- or electron-beam-charged and thermally treated Teflon PTFE, FEP, and PFA filmsGerhard-Multhaupt, Reimund; Eberle, Gernot; Xia, Zhongfou; Yang, Guomao; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Field induced gas emission of polymer filmsSelle, Michael; Eberle, Gernot; Gompf, Bruno; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1990Influence of charge injection on the formation of remanent polarization in P(VDF-TrFE) copolymersBihler, Eckardt; Neumann, Guido; Eberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1993Influence of poling conditions on the gas emission of PVDFEberle, Gernot; Schmidt, Helmut; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Influence of solvents on the polarization distribution in PVDFDehlen, Bernhard; Eberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1990Polarization distribution in PVDF obtained by poling under constant current conditionNeumann, Guido; Bihler, Eckardt; Eberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Polarization dynamics of VDF-TrFE copolymersEberle, Gernot; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Thermal depolarization of PVDF : anomaly at 180°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Thermal depolarization of PVDF : anomaly at 180°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1993Thermal motion of one-dimensional domain walls in monolayers of a polar polymer observed by Video-STMLudwig, Christoph; Eberle, Gernot; Gompf, Bruno; Petersen, Jörg; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1993Time development of multiple polarization zones in PVDFEberle, Gernot; Dehlen, Bernhard; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang