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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Akustische Ortung kollabierender Kavitationsblasen in Wasser und in GewebephantomenStaudenraus, Joachim; Köhler, Michael; Lünstroth, Uwe; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1982Akustische Schichtmikroskopie durch Pulsmessungen im ns-BereichEisenmenger, Wolfgang
1976Analysis of the acoustlc transients in the pulse response of the linear electro-optic effectVeeser, Hermann; Bogner, Udo; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1981Analysis of the phonon spectrum emitted by superconducting Al-tunneling junctions at high quasiparticle injection ratesWelte, Michael; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Anomalous recovery of the remanent polarization after heating polarized PVDF films up to 180°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Ausbreitung freifeldfokussierter Hochenergiedruckimpulse in WasserStaudenraus, Joachim; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1994Binding energies of trapped charges in PVDF and P(VDF/TrFE)Küssner, Bodo; Dehlen, Bernhard; Eberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1989Biological effects and physical characterization of shock waves by an XL-1 experimental lithotripterBrümmer, Franz; Staudenraus, Joachim; Nesper, Martina; Suhr, Dierk; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Hülser, Dieter F.
1991Charakterisierung verschiedener Hydrophone unter Stosswellenbedingungen in WasserStaudenraus, Joachim; Köhler, Michael; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1985Charge and polarization dynamics in polymer filmsHoldik, Karl; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1983Diffusive scattering of high-frequency phonons at free silicon surfacesMarx, Dieter; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1987Down-conversion of high-frequency acoustic phononsGalkina, Tatjana I.; Blinov, A. Y.; Bonch-Osmolovskii, M. M.; Koblinger, Otto; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1988Dynamics of polarization growth and polarization reversal in PVDF filmsWomes, Manfred; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1989Dynamics of polarization growth and reversal in PVDF filmsWomes, Manfred; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Dynamics of poling PVDF between 25°C and 120°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1986Effect of laser annealing on specular and diffuse scattering of 285 GHz phonons at polished silicon surfacesMok, Erich; Burger, Susanne; Döttinger, Siegfried; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1978Effective quasiparticle recombination times and electronic density of states at the Fermi level in superconducting filmsEpperlein, Peter W.; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1983Electric field profiles in electron-beam-charged polymer electretsGerhard-Multhaupt, Reimund; Haardt, Martin; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang; Sessler, Gerhard M.
1987Electric field-induced gas emission from PVDF filmsBihler, Eckardt; Holdik, Karl; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1992Electric-field profiles in corona- or electron-beam-charged and thermally treated Teflon PTFE, FEP, and PFA filmsGerhard-Multhaupt, Reimund; Eberle, Gernot; Xia, Zhongfou; Yang, Guomao; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang