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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Accident simulations of a novel restraint safety concept for motorcyclistsMaier, Steffen; Fehr, Jörg
2023Application of data-driven surrogate models for active human model response prediction and restraint system optimizationHay, Julian; Schories, Lars; Bayerschen, Eric; Wimmer, Peter; Zehbe, Oliver; Kirschbichler, Stefan; Fehr, Jörg
2021Characterisation of an energy absorbing foam for motorcycle rider protection in LS-DYNAMaier, Steffen; Helbig, Martin; Hertneck, Holger; Fehr, Jörg
2023Combining knowledge and information - graph-based description of driving scenarios to enable holistic vehicle safetyBechler, Florian; Fehr, Jörg; Neininger, Fabian; Knöß, Stefan; Grotz, Bernhard
2020Evaluation of a novel passive safety concept for motorcycles with combined multi-body and finite element simulationsMaier, Steffen; Doléac, Laurent; Hertneck, Holger; Stahlschmidt, Sebastian; Fehr, Jörg
2021Finite element simulations of motorcyclist interaction with a novel passive safety concept for motorcyclesMaier, Steffen; Doléac, Laurent; Hertneck, Holger; Stahlschmidt, Sebastian; Fehr, Jörg
2017Implementation and validation of the extended Hill-type muscle model with robust routing capabilities in LS-DYNA for active human body modelsKleinbach, Christian; Martynenko, Oleksandr; Promies, Janik; Häufle, Daniel F. B.; Fehr, Jörg; Schmitt, Syn
2023Improving the accuracy of musculotendon models for the simulation of active lengtheningMillard, Matthew; Kempter, Fabian; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias; Fehr, Jörg
2020Modeling, simulation, and vision-/MPC-based control of a PowerCube serial robotFehr, Jörg; Schmid, Patrick; Schneider, Georg; Eberhard, Peter
2020A non-intrusive nonlinear model reduction method for structural dynamical problems based on machine learningKneifl, Jonas; Grunert, Dennis; Fehr, Jörg
2018On the validation of human body models with a driver-in-the-loop simulatorKempter, Fabian; Fehr, Jörg; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias
2023Port-Hamiltonian fluid-structure interaction modelling and structure-preserving model order reduction of a classical guitarRettberg, Johannes; Wittwar, Dominik; Buchfink, Patrick; Brauchler, Alexander; Ziegler, Pascal; Fehr, Jörg; Haasdonk, Bernard
2022Positioning and simulation of human body models on a motorcycle with a novel restraint systemMaier, Steffen; Kempter, Fabian; Kronwitter, Stefan; Fehr, Jörg
2023Towards learning human-seat interactions for optimally controlled multibody models to generate realistic occupant motionFahse, Niklas; Harant, Monika; Roller, Michael; Kempter, Fabian; Obentheuer, Marius; Linn, Joachim; Fehr, Jörg
2019Well-scaled, a-posteriori error estimation for model order reduction of large second-order mechanical systemsGrunert, Dennis; Fehr, Jörg; Haasdonk, Bernard