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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Asset profitability in the electricity sector : an iterative approach in a linear optimization modelGillich, Annika; Hufendiek, Kai
2021Discussing the actual impact of optimizing cost and GHG emission minimal charging of electric vehicles in distributed energy systemsSchulz, Maximilian; Hufendiek, Kai
1998Einsatz künstlicher neuronaler Netze bei der kurzfristigen LastprognoseHufendiek, Kai; Kaltschmitt, Martin
2020Impact of long-term water inflow uncertainty on wholesale electricity prices in markets with high shares of renewable energies and storagesScheben, Heike; Klempp, Nikolai; Hufendiek, Kai
2021Impact of network charge design in an energy system with large penetration of renewables and high prosumer sharesSchick, Christoph; Klempp, Nikolai; Hufendiek, Kai
2019Das Kopernikus-Projekt ENavi - Die Transformation des Stromsystems mit Fokus KohleausstiegFahl, Ulrich; Gaschnig, Hannes; Hofer, Claudia; Hufendiek, Kai; Maier, Beatrix; Pahle, Michael; Pietzcker, Robert; Quitzow, Rainer; Rauner, Sebastian; Sehn, Vera; Thier, Pablo; Wiesmeth, Michael
2019Long-term distributional impacts of European cap-and-trade climate policies : a CGE multi-regional analysisCunha Montenegro, Roland; Lekavičius, Vidas; Brajković, Jurica; Fahl, Ulrich; Hufendiek, Kai
2020A more realistic heat pump control approach by application of an integrated two-part controlSchulz, Maximilian; Kemmler, Thomas; Kumm, Julia; Hufendiek, Kai; Thomas, Bernd
2019Policy Brief: Folgen des Kohleausstiegs und der Energiewende für die Haushalte in DeutschlandFahl, Ulrich; Dobbins, Audrey; Hofer, Claudia; Hufendiek, Kai
2021Quantification of the flexibility potential through smart charging of battery electric vehicles and the effects on the future electricity supply system in GermanyGuthoff, Felix; Klempp, Nikolai; Hufendiek, Kai