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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976Anisotropy of phonon emission from hot electrons in germaniumReupert, Wolfram; Lassmann, Kurt; Groot, Peter de
1986Continuous high resolution phonon spectroscopy up to 12meV : measurement of the A+ binding energies in siliconBurger, Wilfried; Lassmann, Kurt
1987Dependence of the phonoionization of A+-states in Si on uniaxial pressureGroß, Peter; Gienger, Martin; Lassmann, Kurt
1990Depopulation effects in the phonoconduction response of A+ -states in silicon and germaniumGroß, Peter; Gienger, Martin; Lassmann, Kurt
1982The distribution of splittings (Ultrasonic investigation of the acceptor ground state of Si(B) ; 2)Zeile, Heinrich; Lassmann, Kurt
1987Down-conversion of high-frequency acoustic phononsGalkina, Tatjana I.; Blinov, A. Y.; Bonch-Osmolovskii, M. M.; Koblinger, Otto; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1986Effect of laser annealing on specular and diffuse scattering of 285 GHz phonons at polished silicon surfacesMok, Erich; Burger, Susanne; Döttinger, Siegfried; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1978Effective quasiparticle recombination times and electronic density of states at the Fermi level in superconducting filmsEpperlein, Peter W.; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1972Emission of high frequency relaxation phonons by superconducting aluminium tunneling junctionsWelte, Michael; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1984Energy resolved measurements of the phonon ionization of D and A+ centers in silicon with superconducting Al tunnel junctionsBurger, Wilfried; Lassmann, Kurt
1972Experimental results on absolute phonon detection sensitivity of superconducting tunneling junctionsTrumpp, Hans-Joachim; Epperlein, Peter W.; Lassmann, Kurt
1985Frequency dependence of the specular and diffuse phonon scattering from silicon surfacesBurger, S.; Lassmann, Kurt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1984Influence of defects on the splitting of the acceptor ground state in siliconAmbrosy, Anton; Lassmann, Kurt; Goer, Anne M. de; Salce, Bernard; Zeile, Heinrich
1982The influence of the dynamic Jahn-Teller effect on the phonon-scattering mechanism at acceptors in semiconductors with cubic symmetrySigmund, Ernst; Lassmann, Kurt
1977Intrinsic and experimental quasiparticle recombination times in superconducting filmsEisenmenger, Wolfgang; Lassmann, Kurt; Trumpp, Hans-Joachim; Krauß, Richard
1993Investigation of A+-states in Si and Ge by phonon-induced conduction under uniaxial stressGroß, Peter; Lassmann, Kurt
1987Investigation of the Kapitza anomaly by frequency resolved phonon transport in silicon wafersKlar, Wolfgang; Lassmann, Kurt
1992Linear Stark and nonlinear Zeeman coupling to the ground state of effective mass acceptors in siliconKöpf, Andreas; Lassmann, Kurt
1989Linear stark coupling to the ground state of effective mass acceptorsKöpf, Andreas; Ambrosy, Anton; Lassmann, Kurt
1982The longitudinal and transverse relaxation rates of the strain-split two-level system (Ultrasonic investigation of the acceptor ground state of Si(B) ; 1)Zeile, Heinrich; Harten, Ulrich; Lassmann, Kurt