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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adaptive kinematic textile architectureWyller, Maria; Yablonina, Maria; Alvarez, Martin; Menges, Achim
2023Advanced timber construction industry : a quantitative review of 646 global design and construction stakeholdersOrozco, Luis; Svatoš-Ražnjević, Hana; Wagner, Hans Jakob; Abdelaal, Moataz; Amtsberg, Felix; Weiskopf, Daniel; Menges, Achim
2022Advanced timber construction industry : a review of 350 multi-storey timber projects from 2000-2021Svatoš-Ražnjević, Hana; Orozco, Luis; Menges, Achim
2023Cross-sectional 4D-printing : upscaling self-shaping structures with differentiated material properties inspired by the large-flowered butterwort (Pinguicula grandiflora)Sahin, Ekin Sila; Cheng, Tiffany; Wood, Dylan; Tahouni, Yasaman; Poppinga, Simon; Thielen, Marc; Speck, Thomas; Menges, Achim
2021Development of a material design space for 4D-printed bio-inspired hygroscopically actuated bilayer structures with unequal effective layer widthsKrüger, Friederike; Thierer, Rebecca; Tahouni, Yasaman; Sachse, Renate; Wood, Dylan; Menges, Achim; Bischoff, Manfred; Rühe, Jürgen
2021Development of an impregnation end-effector with fiber tension monitoring for robotic coreless filament windingMindermann, Pascal; Bodea, Serban; Menges, Achim; Gresser, Götz T.
2022Environmental impact of a mono-material timber building envelope with enhanced energy performanceBucklin, Oliver; Di Bari, Roberta; Amtsberg, Felix; Menges, Achim
2023Extension of computational co-design methods for modular, prefabricated composite building components using bio-based material systemsZechmeister, Christoph; Gil Pérez, Marta; Dambrosio, Niccolo; Knippers, Jan; Menges, Achim
2013Integrated design methods for the simulation of fibre-based structuresWaimer, Frédéric; La Magna, Riccardo; Reichert, Steffen; Schwinn, Tobias; Menges, Achim; Knippers, Jan
2020Spatial winding : cooperative heterogeneous multi-robot system for fibrous structuresDuque Estrada, Rebeca; Kannenberg, Fabian; Wagner, Hans Jakob; Yablonina, Maria; Menges, Achim
2020Towards digital automation flexibility in large-scale timber construction : integrative robotic prefabrication and co-design of the BUGA Wood PavilionWagner, Hans Jakob; Alvarez, Martin; Groenewolt, Abel; Menges, Achim