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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Analyse bioelektrischer Potentiale in der PerinatologieNagel, Joachim H.
1993Assessment and diagnostic applications of heart rate variabilityNagel, Joachim H.; Han, Kedu; Hurwitz, Barry E.; Schneiderman, Neil
1988Beam/ray imagingNagel, Joachim H.
1988BiotelemetryNagel, Joachim H.
1990Coherent ensemble averaging techniques for impedance cardiographyHurwitz, Barry E.; Shyu, Liang-Yu; Reddy, Sridhar P.; Schneiderman, Neil; Nagel, Joachim H.
1993The cold pressor test : vascular and myocardial response patterns and their stabilitySaab, Patrice G.; Llabre, Maria M.; Hurwitz, Barry E.; Schneiderman, Neil; Wohlgemut, William; Durel, Lynn A.; Massie, Clifford; Nagel, Joachim H.
1993Compensation for patient motion in nuclear medicine renal studies by fast correlation image registrationGeorgiou, Michalis F.; Nagel, Joachim H.; Cideciyan, Artur V.; Sfakianakis, George N.
1992A continuous representation of heart rateHan, Kedu; Nagel, Joachim H.; Schneiderman, Neil
1994Continuous representation of unevenly sampled signals : an application to the analysis of heart rate variabilityNagel, Joachim H.; Tkacz, Ewaryst J.; Reddy, Sridhar P.
1986The correlation of maternal and fetal heart rates : an important aspect of CTG interpretationNagel, Joachim H.
1991Decomposition of heart rate variability by adaptive filtering for estimation of cardiac vagal toneHan, Kedu; Nagel, Joachim H.; Hurwitz, Barry E.; Schneiderman, Neil
1984Development and application of insulin infusion profiles for therapy of type I diabetics with portable insulin infusion systemsSchulz, Gerhard; Strack, Thomas; Beyer, Jürgen; Krause, Ulrich; Cordes, Uwe; Weber, Thomas; Nagel, Joachim H.; Beutelspacher, Friedrich
1984Development of individual insulin infusion profiles for open loop infusion systemsStrack, Thomas; Krause, Ulrich; Schulz, Gerhard; Beyer, Jürgen; Beutelspacher, Friedrich; Nagel, Joachim H.
1990Diagnosis and modelling of Alzheimer's disease through neural network analyses of PET studiesKippenhan, Jonathan Shane; Nagel, Joachim H.
1980Dialogfähiges programmierbares InfusionssystemNagel, Joachim H.; Müller, Heinz; Schubert, Wolfgang; Thull, Roger; Schaldach, Max
1993Differential patterns of dynamic cardiovascular regulation as a function of taskHurwitz, Barry E.; Nelesen, Richard A.; Saab, Patrice G.; Nagel, Joachim H.; Spitzer, Susan B.; Gellman, Marc D.; McCabe, Philip M.; Phillips, Donna J.; Schneiderman, Neil
1992Digital analysis of high resolution fundus imagesNagel, Joachim H.; Cideciyan, Artur V.
1982Digital signal processing of the fetal heart soundKartmann, Peter; Schlotter, Claus M.; Zhou, Li Gao; Nagel, Joachim H.; Schaldach, Max
1983Der Einfluß verschiedener Insulininfusionsprofile auf Blutzuckerführung und Insulinverbrauch bei der Therapie von Typ-I-Diabetikern mit nichtrückgekoppelten, portablen InsulininfusionssystemenStrack, Thomas; Schulz, Gerhard; Beyer, Jürgen; Krause, Ulrich; Nagel, Joachim H.; Beutelspacher, Friedrich
1980Elektronische Simulation der Reizausbreitung im HerzenMüller, Heinz; Nagel, Joachim H.; Schaldach, Max