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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparative sensitivity analysis of muscle activation dynamicsRockenfeller, Robert; Günther, Michael; Schmitt, Syn; Götz, Thomas
2021Cross-bridge mechanics estimated from skeletal muscles’ work-loop responses to impacts in legged locomotionChristensen, Kasper B.; Günther, Michael; Schmitt, Syn; Siebert, Tobias
2022Design and scaling of exoskeleton power units considering load cycles of humansWaldhof, Marcel; Wochner, Isabell; Stollenmaier, Katrin; Parspour, Nejila; Schmitt, Syn
2021Editorial - recent trends in morphological computationGhazi-Zahedi, Keyan; Rieffel, John; Schmitt, Syn; Hauser, Helmut
2023Effect of neglecting passive spinal structures : a quantitative investigation using the forward-dynamics and inverse-dynamics musculoskeletal approachMeszaros-Beller, Laura; Hammer, Maria; Schmitt, Syn; Pivonka, Peter
2021A geometry- and muscle-based control architecture for synthesising biological movementWalter, Johannes R.; Günther, Michael; Haeufle, Daniel F. B.; Schmitt, Syn
2017Implementation and validation of the extended Hill-type muscle model with robust routing capabilities in LS-DYNA for active human body modelsKleinbach, Christian; Martynenko, Oleksandr; Promies, Janik; Häufle, Daniel F. B.; Fehr, Jörg; Schmitt, Syn
2018On laterally perturbed human stance: experiment, model, and controlSuissa, Dan; Günther, Michael; Shapiro, Amir; Melzer, Itshak; Schmitt, Syn
2020Optimality principles in human point-to-manifold reaching accounting for muscle dynamicsWochner, Isabell; Driess, Danny; Zimmermann, Heiko; Häufle, Daniel F. B.; Toussaint, Marc; Schmitt, Syn
2013Theoretical hill-type muscle and stability : numerical model and applicationSchmitt, Syn; Günther, Michael; Rupp, Tille; Bayer, Alexandra; Häufle, Daniel F. B.
2021Variations in muscle activity and exerted torque during temporary blood flow restriction in healthy individualsGizzi, Leonardo; Yavuz, Utku Ş.; Hillerkuss, Dominic; Geri, Tommaso; Gneiting, Elena; Domeier, Franziska; Schmitt, Syn; Röhrle, Oliver