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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Adhesion of membranes : a theoretical perspectiveLipowsky, Reinhard; Seifert, Udo
1990Adhesion of vesiclesSeifert, Udo; Lipowsky, Reinhard
1991Adhesion of vesicles and membranesLipowsky, Reinhard; Seifert, Udo
1991Adhesion of vesicles in two dimensionsSeifert, Udo
1992Budding transition for bilayer fluid vesicles with area-difference elasticitySeifert, Udo; Miao, Ling; Döbereiner, Hans-Günther; Wortis, Michael
1994Budding transitions of fluid-bilayer vesicles: the effect of area-difference elasticityMiao, Ling; Seifert, Udo; Wortis, Michael; Döbereiner, Hans-Günther
1993Conformal degeneracy and conformal diffusion of vesiclesJülicher, Frank; Seifert, Udo; Lipowsky, Reinhard
1991Conformal transformations of vesicle shapes [Letter to the editor]Seifert, Udo
1989Critical magnetic field dependence of thermally activated surface processesSeifert, Udo; Wagner, Herbert
1993Curvature-induced lateral phase segregation in two-component vesiclesSeifert, Udo
1992Dual network model for red blood cell membranesBoal, David H.; Seifert, Udo; Zilker, Andreas
1994Dynamics of a bound membraneSeifert, Udo
2020Field-theoretic thermodynamic uncertainty relation : general formulation exemplified with the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equationNiggemann, Oliver; Seifert, Udo
1994Fluid membranes - theory of vesicle conformationsSeifert, Udo
1994Fluide MembranenSeifert, Udo
1994Hydrodynamics of a membrane bound to a substrateSeifert, Udo
1994Hydrodynamics of membranes: the bilayer aspect and adhesionSeifert, Udo; Langer, Stephen A.
1993Negative poisson ratio in two-dimensional networks under tensionBoal, David H.; Seifert, Udo; Shillcock, Julian C.
1987Non-Markovian description of the Hedvall effectSeifert, Udo; Dietrich, Siegfried
2021Numerical study of the thermodynamic uncertainty relation for the KPZ-equationNiggemann, Oliver; Seifert, Udo