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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Active exoskeleton reduces erector spinae muscle activity during liftingWalter, Tobias; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias
2021Architectural model for muscle growth during maturationPapenkort, Stefan; Böl, Markus; Siebert, Tobias
2020Considerations on the human Achilles tendon moment arm for in vivo triceps surae muscle-tendon unit force estimatesHolzer, Denis; Paternoster, Florian Kurt; Hahn, Daniel; Siebert, Tobias; Seiberl, Wolfgang
2021Cross-bridge mechanics estimated from skeletal muscles’ work-loop responses to impacts in legged locomotionChristensen, Kasper B.; Günther, Michael; Schmitt, Syn; Siebert, Tobias
2021Editorial - the stretch-shortening cycle of active muscle and muscle-tendon complex : what, why and how it increases muscle performance?Seiberl, Wolfgang; Hahn, Daniel; Power, Geoffrey A.; Fletcher, Jared R.; Siebert, Tobias
2021The effect of multidirectional loading on contractions of the M. medial gastrocnemiusRyan, David S.; Stutzig, Norman; Helmer, Andreas; Siebert, Tobias; Wakeling, James M.
2015Fast and powerful: biomechanics and bite forces of the mandibles in the American cockroach Periplaneta americanaWeihmann, Tom; Reinhardt, Lars; Weißing, Kevin; Siebert, Tobias; Wipfler, Benjamin
2018Impact of multidirectional transverse calf muscle loading on calf muscle force in young adultsSiebert, Tobias; Eb, Manuel; Ryan, David S.; Wakeling, James M.; Stutzig, Norman
2023Improving the accuracy of musculotendon models for the simulation of active lengtheningMillard, Matthew; Kempter, Fabian; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias; Fehr, Jörg
2021Influence of layer separation on the determination of stomach smooth muscle propertiesBorsdorf, Mischa; Böl, Markus; Siebert, Tobias
2023Muscle preflex response to perturbations in locomotion : in vitro experiments and simulations with realistic boundary conditionsAraz, Matthew; Weidner, Sven; Izzi, Fabio; Badri-Spröwitz, Alexander; Siebert, Tobias; Haeufle, Daniel F. B.
2018On the validation of human body models with a driver-in-the-loop simulatorKempter, Fabian; Fehr, Jörg; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias
2021Power amplification increases with contraction velocity during stretch-shortening cycles of skinned muscle fibersTomalka, André; Weidner, Sven; Hahn, Daniel; Seiberl, Wolfgang; Siebert, Tobias
2015Three-dimensional muscle architecture and comprehensive dynamic properties of rabbit gastrocnemius, plantaris and soleus: input for simulation studiesSiebert, Tobias; Leichsenring, Kay; Rode, Christian; Wick, Carolyn; Stutzig, Norman; Schubert, Harald; Blickhan, Reinhard; Böl, Markus