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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Aufbau einer Messapparatur zur Laserkühlung und hochauflösende Rydberg-Spektroskopie an 87 Rb-AtomenGrabowski, Axel
2010Collapse of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates for different trap geometriesMetz, Jonas
2014D-state Rydberg electrons interacting with ultracold atomsKrupp, Alexander Thorsten
2003Erzeugung eines Bose-Einstein-Kondensats in einer stark anisotropen MagnetfalleSchoser, Jürgen
2012Interacting Rydberg atoms : coherent control at Förster resonances and polar homonuclear moleculesNipper, Johannes Maximilian
2018Ions and electrons interacting with ultracold atoms : novel approaches based on Rydberg excitationsKleinbach, Kathrin Sophie
2012Kohärente Rydberg-Spektroskopie in einer Rubidium MikrozelleKübler, Harald
2016Large bandwidth excitation of Rydberg atoms in thermal vapor : fast dynamics and strong interaction effectsUrvoy, Alban
2014Laser cooling of a magnetically guided ultra cold atom beamAghajani-Talesh, Anoush
2006Observation of Feshbach resonances in an ultracold gas of 52CrWerner, Jörg
2013Optical pumping of a dense quantum gas at its limits : continuous Sisyphus cooling and demagnetization cooling towards degeneracyVolchkov, Valentin V.
2011A Rydberg interferometer : from coherent formation of ultralong-range Rydberg molecules to state tomography of Rydberg atomsButscher, Björn
2017Rydberg polaritons and Rydberg superatoms - novel tools for quantum nonlinear opticsTresp, Christoph
2003Scattering properties of ultra-cold chromium atomsSchmidt, Piet O.
2013Stability and collapse dynamics of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates in one-dimensional optical latticesMüller, Stefan
2017Storage and propagation of Rydberg polaritons in a cold atomic mediumMirgorodskiy, Ivan
2019A trace gas sensor based on Rydberg excitations : a proof of concept studySchmidt, Johannes
2010Ultralong range Rydberg molecules : investigation of a novel bindingBendkowsky, Vera
2004Wechselwirkungen in ultrakalten dipolaren GasenHensler, Sven