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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysing normal modes of the earth from high-rate GNSS time seriesChen, Zhongyi
2017Analysis of coordinate transformation with different polynomial modelsGao, Yueqing
2011Analysis of earthquake signals by spaceborne gravimetryCao, Zhou
2010Analysis of geodetic time series using allan variancesFriederichs, Thomas
2017Analysis of helicopter-borne gravity gradiometryXia, Zhuge
2014Analysis of seasonal loading-induced displacements from GPS and GRACEZhang, Jinwei
2019Analysis of waveforms in the satellite altimetry by using neural networksMattes, Dennis Frederic
2015Analyzing and modeling environmental loading induced displacements with GPS and GRACEChen, Qiang
2018Analyzing the surface height of Nam Co by using CryoTrackLiu, Mo
2013Application of spaceborne geodetic sensors for hydrologyTourian, Mohammad Javad
2009Applying stochastic constraints on time-variable GRACE dataLorenz, Christof
2010Assessing hydrological changes in the Murray-Darling basinSchmid, Stefanie
2015Assessing the performance of different classification methods to detect inland surface water extentWalton, Alexander
2018Assessment of altimetric river water level time series densification methodsXia, Zhuge
2007Bahnstörungen durch OzeangezeitenDaubrawa, Julian
2004Bestimmung des Potentialwertes für das finnische Höhendatum unter Berücksichtigung der neuen Satelliten-SchwerefeldmodelleHolst, Christine
2005Bewertungsrelevante Aspekte bei Offenen ImmobilienfondsGebert, Christoph
2015Capability of pulse-limited satellite radar altimetry to monitor inland water bodiesRoohi, Shirzad
2013Change detection using SAR dataCao, Wenxi
2018Characterization of runoff-storage relationships in boreal catchmentsXia, Ruiheng