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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An adaptive finite element method for control-constrained optimal control problemsKohls, Kristina
2014Adaptive finite elements for state-constrained optimal control problems - convergence analysis and a posteriori error estimationSteinig, Simeon
2018Adaptive higher order discontinuous Galerkin methods for porous-media multi-phase flow with strong heterogeneitiesKane, Birane
2014Adaptive two-scale models for processes with evolution of microstructuresRedeker, Magnus
2022Analysis of hyperbolic conservation laws with random discontinuous flux functions and their efficient simulationBrencher, Lukas
2022Approximation with matrix-valued kernels and highly effective error estimators for reduced basis approximationsWittwar, Dominik
2016Balance laws : non local mixed systems and IBVPsRossi, Elena
2021A Bayesian approach to parameter reconstruction from surface electromyographic signalsRörich, Anna
2006BETI-Gebietszerlegungsmethoden mit schnellen Randelementverfahren und AnwendungenOf, Günther
2005The Cahn-Larché system : a model for spinodal decomposition in eutectic solder ; modelling, analysis and simulationMerkle, Thomas
2021Compressible multi-component and multi-phase flows: interfaces and asymptotic regimesOstrowski, Lukas
2008Contact analysis and overlapping domain decomposition methods for dynamic and nonlinear problemsBrunßen, Stephan
2008Discretization techniques and efficient algorithms for contact problemsHüeber, Stefan
2012Efficient parametric analysis of the chemical master equation through model order reductionWaldherr, Steffen; Haasdonk, Bernard
2015Efficient schemes for parameterized multiscale problemsAlebrand, Sven
2021Efficient simulation of challenging PDE problems on CPU and GPU clustersSchirwon, Malte
2021Error control for statistical solutions of hyperbolic systems of conservation lawsGiesselmann, Jan; Meyer, Fabian; Rohde, Christian
1994General interface problems. 1Nicaise, Serge; Sändig, Anna-Margarete
1994General interface problems. 2Nicaise, Serge; Sändig, Anna-Margarete
2006Higher order mortar finite elements with dual Lagrange multiplier spaces and applicationsLamichhane, Bishnu Prasad