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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adaptierung an Zeitverhalten-Variationen in rekonfigurierbaren HardwarestrukturenBrandhofer, Sebastian
2012Adaptive simulationsbasierte Diagnose von Verzögerungsfehlern in kombinatorischen SchaltungenSchneider, Eric
2015Algorithm-based fault tolerance for matrix operations on graphics processing units : analysis and extension to autonomous operationBraun, Claus
2014Boolean reasoning for digital circuits in presence of unknown values : application to test automationKochte, Michael Andreas
2018Cross-layer fault tolerance in networks-on-chipSchley, Gert
2011CUDA-accelerated delay fault simulationSchneider, Eric
2020Design-time system-on-chip memory optimizationStrobel, Manuel
2011Development of an error detection and recovery technique for a SPARC V8 processor in FPGA technologyBoktor, Andrew
2016Efficient algorithms for fundamental statistical timing analysis problems in delay test applications of VLSI circuitsWagner, Marcus
2018Efficient fault tolerance for selected scientific computing algorithms on heterogeneous and approximate computer architecturesSchöll, Alexander
2012Efficient location-based logic diagnosis of digital circuitsHolst, Stefan
2018Efficient modeling and computation methods for robust AMS system designGil, Leandro
2010Efficient programmable deterministic self-testHakmi, Abdul-Wahid
2012Effiziente mehrwertige Logiksimulation verzögerungsbehafteter Schaltungen auf datenparallelen ArchitekturenSchöll, Alexander
2013Embedding deterministic patterns in partial pseudo-exhaustive testSannikova, Anastasia
2011Evaluation of advanced techniques for structural FPGA self-testAbdelfattah, Mohamed
2011Evaluation of backtracing based diagnosis algorithmsBadreldein, Maha
2018Fault emulation for reconfigurable scan networksSchwachhofer, Denis
2015Fault tolerance infrastructure and its reuse for offline testing : synergies of a unified architecture to cope with soft errors and hard faultsImhof, Michael E.
2012Fault tolerant routing algorithm for fully- and partially-defective NoC switchesNajmabadi, Seyyed Mahdi