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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20082-dimensionaler Ladungsträgertransport in Graphen und einkristallinen organischen HalbleiternUlbricht, Gerhard
2009Ab initio study of point defects in the bulk and on surfaces of an SrTiO3 crystalAlexandrov, Vitaly
2013Ab initio thermodynamic study of defective strontium titanateBlokhin, Evgeny
2000Ab-initio Raman spectra of anharmonic and disordered systemsPutrino, Anna
2007Acoustic response of a quantum Hall ferromagnet at nu=2/3Dini, Dimitri
2008Adiabatic transport in the quantum Hall regime : comparison between transport and scanning force microscopy investigationsDahlem, Franck
2013Advances in the modelling of in-situ powder diffraction dataMüller, Melanie
2015Anion exchange membranes for fuel cells and flow batteries : transport and stability of model systemsMarino, Michael G.
2014Application of in situ X-ray powder diffraction in solid state processes visualizationRuncevski, Tomce
2022Assembling metal organic layer composites for high‐performance electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to formateLiu, Hang; Wang, Hongguang; Song, Qian; Küster, Kathrin; Starke, Ulrich; van Aken, Peter A.; Klemm, Elias
2022Atomic scale electron spin resonance at high Zeeman energiesKot, Piotr
2005Aufgerollte Nanoröhren auf III-V-HalbleiterbasisDeneke, Christoph
2011Automated parametric Rietveld refinement and its application to two dimensional X-ray powder diffraction experimentsRajiv, Paneerselvam
2009Ba1-xSrxCoyFe1-yO3-delta SOFC cathode materials : bulk properties, kinetics and mechanism of oxygen reductionWang, Lei
2012Ein Beitrag zur kontrollierten Synthese von KohlenstoffnanostrukturenMüller, Andreas
2002Beiträge zur Sensorik redox-aktiver GaseKamp, Bernhard
2013Boundary effects on the electrical conductivity of cerium oxide thin filmsGöbel, Marcus
2021Character of doped holes in Nd1-xSrxNiO2Plienbumrung, Tharathep; Schmid, Michael Thobias; Daghofer, Maria; Oleś, Andrzej M.
2012Charge carrier defect chemistry of nanoscopic SrTiO3Lupetin, Piero
2015Charge carrier formation, mobility and microstructure of sulfonated polyelectrolytes for electrochemical applicationsWohlfarth, Andreas