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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023AGRI|gen : analysis and design of a parametric modular system for vertical urban agricultureGhazal, Iyad; Mansour, Reema; Davidová, Marie
2021Breathing artifacts of urban bioblimatic layers for post‐anthropocene urban environmentDavidová, Marie
2022Co-De|GT: the gamification and tokenisation of more-than-human qualities and valuesDavidová, Marie; Sharma, Shanu; McMeel, Dermott; Loizides, Fernando
2023Cross-sectional 4D-printing : upscaling self-shaping structures with differentiated material properties inspired by the large-flowered butterwort (Pinguicula grandiflora)Sahin, Ekin Sila; Cheng, Tiffany; Wood, Dylan; Tahouni, Yasaman; Poppinga, Simon; Thielen, Marc; Speck, Thomas; Menges, Achim
2023Cultural environments with more-than-human perspectives : prototyping through research and trainingDavidová, Marie; Barath, Shany; Dickinson, Susannah
2021Development of a material design space for 4D-printed bio-inspired hygroscopically actuated bilayer structures with unequal effective layer widthsKrüger, Friederike; Thierer, Rebecca; Tahouni, Yasaman; Sachse, Renate; Wood, Dylan; Menges, Achim; Bischoff, Manfred; Rühe, Jürgen
2022Evaluation of conversational agents: understanding culture, context and environment in emotion detectionTeye, Martha T.; Missah, Yaw Marfo; Ahene, Emmanuel; Frimpong, Twum
2023Extension of computational co-design methods for modular, prefabricated composite building components using bio-based material systemsZechmeister, Christoph; Gil Pérez, Marta; Dambrosio, Niccolo; Knippers, Jan; Menges, Achim
2023Kindness in architecture : the multispecies co-living and co-designSaeidi, Sareh; Anderson, Matthew Dylan; Davidová, Marie
2020Structural optimization through biomimetic-inspired material-specific application of plant-based natural fiber-reinforced polymer composites (NFRP) for future sustainable lightweight architectureSippach, Timo; Dahy, Hanaa; Uhlig, Kai; Grisin, Benjamin; Carosella, Stefan; Middendorf, Peter