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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023About the applicability of the theory of porous media for the modelling of non‐isothermal material injection into porous structuresVölter, Jan-Sören L.; Ricken, Tim; Röhrle, Oliver
2023Active exoskeleton reduces erector spinae muscle activity during liftingWalter, Tobias; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias
2023Analysing the bone cement flow in the injection apparatus during vertebroplastyTrivedi, Zubin; Gehweiler, Dominic; Wychowaniec, Jacek K.; Ricken, Tim; Gueorguiev-Rüegg, Boyko; Wagner, Arndt; Röhrle, Oliver
2020The apoptosome molecular timer synergises with XIAP to suppress apoptosis execution and contributes to prognosticating survival in colorectal cancerFullstone, Gavin; Bauer, Tabea L.; Guttà, Cristiano; Salvucci, Manuela; Prehn, Jochen H. M.; Rehm, Markus
2021Body dysmorphic disorder and self-esteem : a meta-analysisKuck, Nora; Cafitz, Lara; Bürkner, Paul-Christian; Hoppen, Laura; Wilhelm, Sabine; Buhlmann, Ulrike
2021Characterization of export regimes in concentration-discharge plots via an advanced time-series model and event-based sampling strategiesGonzález-Nicolás, Ana; Schwientek, Marc; Sinsbeck, Michael; Nowak, Wolfgang
2023Comparing methods for permeability computation of porous materials and their limitationsKrach, David; Steeb, Holger
2020Convergence of pathway analysis and pattern recognition predicts sensitization to latest generation TRAIL therapeutics by IAP antagonismVetma, Vesna; Guttà, Cristiano; Peters, Nathalie; Praetorius, Christian; Hutt, Meike; Seifert, Oliver; Meier, Friedegund; Kontermann, Roland; Kulms, Dagmar; Rehm, Markus
2021Cross-bridge mechanics estimated from skeletal muscles’ work-loop responses to impacts in legged locomotionChristensen, Kasper B.; Günther, Michael; Schmitt, Syn; Siebert, Tobias
2022A deep learning approach for large-scale groundwater heat pump temperature predictionScheurer, Stefania
2023Editorial - rapid, reproducible, and robust environmental modeling for decision support : worked examples and open-source software toolsWhite, Jeremy T.; Fienen, Michael N.; Moore, Catherine R.; Guthke, Anneli
2023Effect of neglecting passive spinal structures : a quantitative investigation using the forward-dynamics and inverse-dynamics musculoskeletal approachMeszaros-Beller, Laura; Hammer, Maria; Schmitt, Syn; Pivonka, Peter
2022The effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for social anxiety disorder in routine clinical practiceMorina, Nexhmedin; Seidemann, Julienne; Andor, Tanja; Sondern, Lisa; Bürkner, Paul‐Christian; Drenckhan, Isabelle; Buhlmann, Ulrike
2022Experimental evaluation of fluid connectivity in two‐phase flow in porous media during drainageVahid Dastjerdi, Samaneh; Karadimitriou, Nikolaos; Hassanizadeh, S. Majid; Steeb, Holger
2023The high cycle fatigue testing of High‐Performance Concretes using high frequency excitationMadadi, Hamid; Steeb, Holger
2023Hydraulically induced fracturing in heterogeneous porous media using a TPM‐phase‐field model and geostatisticsWagner, Arndt; Sonntag, Alixa; Reuschen, Sebastian; Nowak, Wolfgang; Ehlers, Wolfgang
2023Improving the accuracy of musculotendon models for the simulation of active lengtheningMillard, Matthew; Kempter, Fabian; Stutzig, Norman; Siebert, Tobias; Fehr, Jörg
2021Interpretation bias across body dysmorphic, social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder : a multilevel, diffusion model accountDietel, Fanny Alexandra; Möllmann, Anne; Bürkner, Paul-Christian; Wilhelm, Sabine; Buhlmann, Ulrike
2021Investigation of the influence of moisture content on fatigue behaviour of HPC by using DMA and XRCTMarkert, Martin; Katzmann, Josef; Birtel, Veit; Garrecht, Harald; Steeb, Holger
2023Linking cortex and contraction : integrating models along the corticomuscular pathwayHaggie, Lysea; Schmid, Laura; Röhrle, Oliver; Besier, Thor; McMorland, Angus; Saini, Harnoor