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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Effective mass and valence-band structure in GaInAs/InP and GaInP/AlGaInP quantum wellsShao, Jun
2008Fabrication and optical characterization of metamaterials and nano-antennasGuo, Hongcang
2012Formation of chiral fields in a symmetric environmentSchäferling, Martin; Yin, Xinghui; Giessen, Harald
2012From near-field to far-field: plasmonic coupling in three-dimensional nanostructuresTaubert, Richard
2016Functional complex plasmonics : understanding and realizing chiral and active plasmonic systemsYin, Xinghui
2014High-power broadband femtosecond near- and mid-infrared sources based on optical parametric oscillators and difference frequency generation at 40 MHz repetition ratesHegenbarth, Robin
1993Highly ordered LB films of DHAP : a donor acceptor substituted polyeneSchmelzer, Michael; Roth, Siegmar; Niesert, Claus-Peter; Effenberger, Franz; Li, Rui Cheng
2018Hybrid materials for nonlinear opticsAlbrecht, Gelon
2015Hybrid plasmonic devices for sensing and thermal imagingTittl, Andreas
2017Hybrid plasmonic structures for giant Faraday rotationFlöß, Dominik
2017Hydrogen in metal nanoparticles : understanding and applying thermodynamic properties of metal-hydrogen nanostructuresStrohfeldt, Nikolai
2015Large-area low-cost fabrication of complex plasmonic nanostructures for sensing applicationsZhao, Jun
2017Large-area plasmonics and sensors : fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures by laser interference lithography and femtosecond direct laser writingBagheri, Shahin
2016Linear & nonlinear plasmonic sensing : complex coupled plasmonic structures, functionalization, and nonlinear effectsMesch, Martin
2012Linear refractive index and absorption measurements of nonlinear optical liquids in the visible and near-infrared spectral regionKedenburg, Stefan; Vieweg, Marius; Gissibl, Timo; Giessen, Harald
2013Long-term stability of capped and buffered palladium-nickel thin films and nanostructures for plasmonic hydrogen sensing applicationsStrohfeldt, Nikolai; Tittl, Andreas; Giessen, Harald
2011Microcavity plasmonicsAmeling, Ralf
2018Modeling of second-harmonic generation in periodic nanostructures by the Fourier modal method with matched coordinatesDefrance, Josselin; Schäferling, Martin; Weiss, Thomas
2007Modulationsdynamik von rot oberflächenemittierenden HalbleiterlasernBallmann, Tabitha
2017Near- and mid-infrared supercontinuum sources with MHz repetition ratesKedenburg, Stefan