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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Specification and development of choreography fragments for a choreography designerSchilling, Joas
2012Splitting BPEL processesCui, Daojun
2011Sprachübergreifende Überwachung von GeschäftsprozessenKlenk, Eike
2018Suitability of serverless computing approachesVölker, Christopher
2008Supporting business process fragmentation while maintaining operational semantics : a BPEL perspectiveKhalaf, Rania
2016Supporting organizational goals with mobile appsCheng, Hanwen
2016Synthetic data generation for big dataForil, Alexander
2020Temporal reasoning for web services composition for personal assistantsBaloch, Sajid
2018Testing in mobile cyber-physical systemsChande, Sagar
2013Throughput improvements for BPEL engines : implementation techniques and measurements applied to SWoMRoller, Dieter
2020Time-sensitive Deployment and Management for Cyber-Physical Systems using TOSCANieuwenhuizen, Florian
2019Topologie-basierte und verteilte Provisionierung von IoT AnwendungenWeder, Benjamin
2020TOSCA Simple Profile Modellierungsunterstützung für Eclipse WineryLieb, Clemens
2011Transaction flow compiler for SWoMSalm, Timo
2017Transformation of REST API to GraphQL for OpenTOSCAGhebremicael, Eyob Semere
2017Transformation of TOSCA to natural language textsRadic, Marco
2011Transformation von BPEL-Prozessmodellen in grammatikbasierte ProzessmodelleVukojevic, Karolina
2020Travel service composition under temporal contraintsMunawar, Javadan
2010A tuplespace based execution model for decentralized workflow enactment : applied for BPELMartin, Daniel
2011A unified framework for security visualization and enforcement in business process driven environmentsKarsten, Thomas