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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014On-demand provisioning of servicesKaraoguz, Nedim
2017Optimized Resource Matching for uploading bits in a PaaS CloudMittal, Niharika
2017Optimizing the efficiency of data-intensive Data Mashups using Map-ReduceSarangi, Sunayana
2016Partnerübergreifende Geschäftsprozesse und ihre Realisierung in BPELKopp, Oliver
2015A pattern language for modeling the provisioning of applicationsEndres, Christian
2014Pattern-basierte Optimierung des Umwelteinflusses von GeschäftsprozessenDavidkov, Lazar
2016Persistence and discovery of reusable cloud application topologiesDing, Hao
2015Persistence, discovery, and generation of viable cloud application topologiesMishra, Abhilash
2019Placement of application components in industrial environmentsLedic, Josip
2020Plant detection and classification in agricultural fieldsSchnell, Miriam
2017A platform for collaborative quality assurance of bibliographical references and notesMüller, Tamara
2019Practical aspects of FaaS applications' migrationMüller, Christian
2012Process fragments: enhancing reuse of process logic in BPEL process modelsMa, Zhilei
2011Propagation of states from BPEL process instances to Chevron modelsSchumm, David; Karastoyanova, Dimka; Leymann, Frank; Lie, Sumadi
2011A prototype for view-based monitoring of BPEL processesSchumm, David; Latuske, Gregor; Leymann, Frank
2018Provisionierung und Management von heterogenen IoT-Geräten mit TOSCASchmid, Marc Alexander
2013Provisioning of customizable pattern-based software artifacts into Cloud environmentsSchraitle, Andreas
2016Provisioning of docker containers with TOSCAGödecke, Kevin
2014ProzessbausteineEberle, Hanna
2017Quality assessment framework for business processes as a service in a heterogeneous cloud environmentVinayak, Rupinder