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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Parametric modelling of nonlinearities by covariance analysisSchiehlen, Werner; Krause, Ralf
2020A physically based material model for the simulation of friction stir weldingPanzer, Florian; Shishova, Elizaveta; Werz, Martin; Weihe, Stefan; Eberhard, Peter; Schmauder, Siegfried
2019Possibilistic calculus as a conservative counterpart to probabilistic calculusHose, Dominik; Hanss, Michael
2008Potentiale des Finite-Elemente-Programms Ansys bei der Simulation von flexiblen MehrkörpersystemenFischer, Christian
1993Progress in integrated system analysis and design software for controlled vehiclesKortüm, Willi; Schiehlen, Werner; Hoffmann, M.
1994A projective criterion to the coordinate partitioning method for multibody dynamicsBlajer, Wojciech; Schiehlen, Werner; Schirm, Walter
1992Prospects of the German multibody system research project on vehicle dynamics simulationSchiehlen, Werner
2012Reduced model design of a floating wind turbineSandner, Frank
2012Reduced nonlinear model of a spar-mounted floating wind turbineSandner, Frank; Schlipf, David; Matha, Denis; Seifried, Robert; Cheng, Po Wen
1994Reduction of nonholonomic systemsSchiehlen, Werner; Eismann, Wolfgang
2015Sensitivity computation for uncertain dynamical systems using high-dimensional model representation and hierarchical gridsWalz, Nico-Philipp; Burkhardt, Markus; Hanss, Michael; Eberhard, Peter
1993Simulation based design of automotive systemsSchiehlen, Werner
2011Simulation of a micro shift valve with impact actuationEberhard, Peter; Fischer, Christian
1993The software NEWEULLeister, Günter; Kreuzer, Edwin; Schiehlen, Werner
1994Ein Stabilitätsmaß für nichtlineare SystemeSchiehlen, Werner; Hu, Bin
1994Stability numbers for nonlinear systemsSchiehlen, Werner
1994Symbolic computations in multibody systemsSchiehlen, Werner
2015Uncertainties in road vehicle suspensionsSchiehlen, Werner; Iroz, Igor
1992Walking without impacts as a motion/force control problemBlajer, Wojciech; Schiehlen, Werner
2019Well-scaled, a-posteriori error estimation for model order reduction of large second-order mechanical systemsGrunert, Dennis; Fehr, Jörg; Haasdonk, Bernard