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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Eine browserbasierte Entwicklungsumgebung für prozedurale TexturenKleine, Christoph
2013Building and using an application store to support public display usersMikusz, Mateusz
2014Casual analytics : advancing interactive visualization by domain knowledgeBosch, Harald
2019CNN-based prediction of optical flowStumber, Jonathan
2016Cognition-aware systems to support information intake and learningDingler, Tilman
2014Combing multiple gesture sensing technologies to interact with public displaysMetias, Mina
2013Comparative visualization of electrostatic fieldsScharnowski, Katrin
2015Comparison and evaluation of ontology visualizationsBalzer, Lukas; Do, Minh Thu; Maseluk, Dennis
2016Comparison of a visual analytics simulation with real world manufacturing linesFerrari, Rafael V.
2019Comparison of research methods to evaluate visual augmentations for assisted tool useWeiß, Maximilian
2017Content arrangement on large high-resolution displays: a PDF-readerAydin, Onur
2015Context cubes: a context-aware projected augmented reality helmetNistor, Michael
2014Context-aware assistive systems for augmented work : a framework using gamification and projectionKorn, Oliver
2010Context-aware techniques for visualizationEißele, Mike
2014Context-sensitive memory augmentation using recorded everyday life dataWahju, Philipp
2018Control mechanisms for the procedural generation of visual pattern designsGieseke, Lena
2017Correlating facial expressions and contextual data for mood prediction using mobile devicesReutter, Robin
2016Correlation between measured stress and attention with thermal imaging techniquesZelenik, Thommy
2019Curvature-minimizing interface reconstructionBauer, Matthias
2017CUTE - CRETA Un-/Shared Task zu EntitätenreferenzenReiter, Nils; Blessing, André; Echelmeyer, Nora; Kremer, Gerhard; Koch, Steffen; Murr, Sandra; Overbeck, Maximilian; Pichler, Axel