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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Dekonvolution mit VariationsansätzenHager, Janik M.
2016Denoising with patch-based principal component analysisBao, Fang
2002A depth-cueing scheme based on linear transformations in tristimulus spaceWeiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas
2014Depth-driven variational methods for stereo reconstructionMaurer, Daniel
2005The design and implementation of a presentation system for interactive 3D graphics applicationsStegmaier, Simon; Klein, Thomas; Strengert, Magnus; Ertl, Thomas
2013A design space for pervasive advertising on public displaysAlt, Florian
2020Design und Entwicklung geeigneter Visualisierungen für Feinstaub-SensordatenReuter, Anne
2019Design und Vergleich von in Benachrichtigungen integrierten Visualisierungen für SmartwatchesAukschlat, Mark
2017Design, Implementierung und Evaluation einer Anwendungssoftware für einen intelligenten WandkalenderMüller, Manuel
2017Designing gestures for window management on large high-resolution displaysAltmann, Marius
2021Designing smart home appliances displaying non-urgent everyday informationVoit, Alexandra
2015Developing and evaluating input methods for uncertain dataKleiner, Marius
2016Developing SurfaceSliding - a new interaction for smartphonesDang, Phi Hung
2015Development and evaluation of automatic video recaps from lifelog dataLe, Huy Viet
2014Development of a pattern library and a decision support system for building applications in the domain of scientific workflows for e-SciencePassow, Stephan
2011Development of a two layer classification system for situations in meetingsTyaneva, Antoniya
2013Development of an audio input toolkit for multiple sourcesKosch, Thomas
2003Direct volume visualization of geometrically unpleasant meshesKraus, Martin
2010Discontinuous Galerkin methods for two-phase flows in porous mediaGrüninger, Christoph
2015Distinguish the input finger while interacting with mobile phones using wearable devicesLinn, Tobias