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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Berechnungsgrundlagen für Wärmeausbreitung und -transport im GrundwasserKobus, Helmut
2014Beyond local equilibrium : relaxing local equilibrium assumptions in multiphase flow in porous mediaNuske, Philipp
2008Calculational approach to FST-hemispheres for multiparametrical Benthos Habitat modellingKopecki, Ianina
2013Climate sensitivity of a large lakeEder, Maria Magdalena
2015Combining field and laboratory measurements to determine the erosion risk of cohesive sediments bestNoack, Markus; Gerbersdorf, Sabine Ulrike; Hillebrand, Gudrun; Wieprecht, Silke
2019Conceptual approaches for the analysis of coupled hydraulic and geomechanical processesBeck, Martin
1990Contamination des eaux souterraines par les nitrates : recherches et applications dans le cadre de la coopération franco-allemandeLaigle, Dominique; Kugler, Jean; Kobus, Helmut; Zilliox, Lothaire
2014Copula based stochastic analysis of discharge time seriesSugimoto, Takayuki
2018Coupled free and porous-medium flow processes affected by turbulence and roughness : models, concepts and analysisFetzer, Thomas
2017Coupling DuMuX and DUNE-PDELab to investigate evaporation at the interface between Darcy and Navier-Stokes flowGrüninger, Christoph; Fetzer, Thomas; Flemisch, Bernd; Helmig, Rainer
2014Coupling free flow and flow in porous media in biological and technical applications : from a simple to a complex interface descriptionBaber, Katherina
2013Coupling models of different complexity for the simulation of CO2 storage in deep saline aquifersDarcis, Melanie Yvonne
2011Coupling of porous media flow with pipe flowDogan, Mehmet Onur
2010A decoupled model for compositional non-isothermal multiphase flow in porous media and multiphysics approaches for two-phase flowFritz, Jochen
2014Detection of the bright band with a vertically pointing k-bandradarPfaff, Thomas; Engelbrecht, Alexander; Seidel, Jochen
2009Development and application of a 1D multi-strip fine sediment transport model for regulated riversProhaska, Sandra
2020Discrete fracture modeling of multi-phase flow and deformation in fractured poroelastic mediaGläser, Dennis
2008Discrete-continuous downscaling model for generating daily precipitation time seriesYang, Wei
2003Diskretisierungsansätze zur Modellierung von Strömungs- und Transportprozessen in geklüftet-porösen MedienNeunhäuserer, Lina
1992Dispersive Transportprozesse und ihre ModellierungKobus, Helmut; Schäfer, Gerhard; Spitz, Karlheinz; Herr, Michael