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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970On the problem of apparent mass (E3) : discussionKobus, Helmut
1975On the use of air-bubble screens as oil barriersKobus, Helmut
1983On thermal anomalies due to injection-well discharges in porous aquifersMehlhorn, Hans; Kobus, Helmut
2019Optimal planning of hydropower and energy storage technologies for fully renewable power systemsHaas, Jannik
2006Optimierung der Grundwasserbewirtschaftung unter Berücksichtigung der Belange der Wasserversorgung, der Landwirtschaft und des NaturschutzesSchneck, Alexander
2006Optimierung der Steuerung von HochwasserrückhaltebeckensystemenWinkler, Nina Simone
2005Optimization methods for multiphase systems in the subsurface : application to methane migration in coal mining areasKobayashi, Kenichiro
2021Optimizing hybrid decentralized systems for sustainable urban drainage infrastructures planningBakhshipour, Amin Ebrahim
2001Parallele Numerische Simulation instationärer Probleme mit adaptiven Methoden auf unstrukturierten GitternLang, Stefan
2009A phenomenological model for the numerical simulation of multiphase multicomponent processes considering structural alterations of porous mediaFreiboth, Sandra
2010Physically based spatially distributed rainfall runoff modelling for soil erosion estimationThapa, Pawan Kumar
1990Pollution par les nitrates: quels remèdes?Zilliox, Lothaire; Schenck, Charles; Kobus, Helmut; Huwe, Bernd
2019Precipitation characteristics at two locations in the tropical Andes by means of vertically pointing micro-rain radar observationsSeidel, Jochen; Trachte, Katja; Orellana-Alvear, Johanna; Figueroa, Rafael; Célleri, Rolando; Bendix, Jörg; Fernandez, Ciro; Huggel, Christian
2010Probability forecasts of daily areal precipitation for small river basinsBliefernicht, Jan
2016Process-oriented modeling of spatial random fields using copulasHörning, Sebastian
2013Processing and analysis of weather radar data for use in hydrologyPfaff, Thomas
1987Ein Programm zur Erforschung aktueller Probleme in Grundwasserwirtschaft und GrundwasserschutzKobus, Helmut
1988Das "PWAB-Testfeld Wasser und Boden"Kobus, Helmut
2020Quantification of drainable water storage volumes on landmasses and in river networks based on GRACE and river runoff using a cascaded storage approach - first application on the AmazonRiegger, Johannes
1982Quantitative evaluation of clogging phenomena in river bedsGeldner, Peter; Kobus, Helmut