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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Segregation von Ga an Al-KorngrenzenSchmidt, Steffen
2010Elektronentheorie der dissipativen Magnetisierungsdynamik : anisotrope und nichtlokale EffekteSeib, Jonas
2008Entropic forces on bio-moleculesHansen-Goos, Hendrik
1984The Eshelby factor for cubic crystals with arbitrary elastic anisotropyMaysenhölder, Waldemar
2006Experimental and computational phase studies of the ZrO2-based systems for thermal barrier coatingsWang,Chong
2012Experimental investigation of H2/D2 isotope separation by cryo-adsorption in metal-organic frameworksTeufel, Julia Sonja
2000Factors influencing the critical product in electromigrationStraub, Alexander
2001Fatigue behavior of sub-micron silver and copper filmsSchwaiger, Ruth
2005Fatigue of Al thin films at ultra high frequenciesEberl, Christoph
2007Fe-C and Fe-N compound layers : growth kinetics and microstructureGreßmann, Thomas
2018Ferromagnetic colloids in liquid crystal solventsZarubin, Grigorii
2008Fluktuations- und Kapillarkräfte zwischen Kolloiden an fluiden GrenzflächenLehle, Hartwig
2007Formation of hard magnetic L10-FePt/FePd monolayers from elemental multilayersGoo, Nam Hoon
2015Formation of lath martensiteLöwy, Sarah
2014Gas nitriding of iron-based alloysSchwarz, Benjamin
2016General properties of ionic complex fluidsBier, Markus
2010Grain growth and texture evolution in copper thin filmsSonnweber-Ribic, Petra
2005Grenzflächenfluktuationen binärer FlüssigkeitenHiester, Thorsten
2002Growth and structure of the organic molecule PTCDA on Ag(111)Krause, Bärbel
2004Growth kinetics and microstructure of gaseous nitrided iron chromium alloysSchacherl, Ralf Erich