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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Factors influencing the critical product in electromigrationStraub, Alexander
2001Fatigue behavior of sub-micron silver and copper filmsSchwaiger, Ruth
2005Fatigue of Al thin films at ultra high frequenciesEberl, Christoph
2007Fe-C and Fe-N compound layers : growth kinetics and microstructureGreßmann, Thomas
2018Ferromagnetic colloids in liquid crystal solventsZarubin, Grigorii
2008Fluktuations- und Kapillarkräfte zwischen Kolloiden an fluiden GrenzflächenLehle, Hartwig
2007Formation of hard magnetic L10-FePt/FePd monolayers from elemental multilayersGoo, Nam Hoon
2015Formation of lath martensiteLöwy, Sarah
2014Gas nitriding of iron-based alloysSchwarz, Benjamin
2016General properties of ionic complex fluidsBier, Markus
2010Grain growth and texture evolution in copper thin filmsSonnweber-Ribic, Petra
2005Grenzflächenfluktuationen binärer FlüssigkeitenHiester, Thorsten
2002Growth and structure of the organic molecule PTCDA on Ag(111)Krause, Bärbel
2004Growth kinetics and microstructure of gaseous nitrided iron chromium alloysSchacherl, Ralf Erich
2002Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Cr-Schichten auf TiO2(110)-OberflächenWinde, Christian
2005High energy x-ray study of short range order and phase transformations in titanium-vanadiumRamsteiner, Ingo Benedict
2006High temperature oxidation of bulk RuAl alloyBellina, Paul J.
2005High temperature spreading kinetics of metalsRauch, Nicole
2018High-resolution X-ray ptychography for magnetic imagingBykova, Iuliia
2003Hochtemperatur-Thermochemie im System Al-Cr-Ni-OSaltikov, Pavlo