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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010In situ oxidation study of flat and stepped binary alloy surfacesEllinger, Claus Steffen
2009In situ oxidation study of metallic alloys from UHV to atmospheric pressuresVlad, Alina-Gabriela
2009In situ oxidation study of supported Rh and Pd nanoparticlesNolte, Philipp
2004In situ tensile testing at the limits of x-ray diffraction : a new synchrotron based techniqueBöhm, Jochen
2011In-situ study of real time structural evolution during polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction thin film formationSanyal, Monamie
2010In-situ X-ray studies of model electrode surfaces for solid oxide fuel cellsKhorshidi, Navid
2009In-situ-Röntgenbeugungsuntersuchungen zur Stabilität zweidimensionaler LegierungsfilmeBecker, Moritz
2006Influence of nanomaterials on cell functionTian, Furong
2009The initial oxidation of Al-Mg alloysPanda, Emila
2004The initial oxidation of magnesiumKurth, Matthias
2011Initial oxidation of zirconium: oxide-film growth kinetics and mechanismsBakradze, Georgijs
2005The initial stages of the oxidation of zirconiumLyapin, Andrey
2004Inselwachstum auf Festkörperoberflächen unter IonenbestrahlungFrank, Achim
2016Interaction of carbon and nitrogen in ironGöhring, Holger
2007Interfaces in fluids of charged platelike colloidsBier, Markus
2019Interfaces in fluids of ionic liquid crystalsBartsch, Hendrik
2016Internal precipitation of nitrides in iron-based alloysSteiner, Tobias
2005Interplay between geometry and fluid propertiesKönig, Peter-Michael
2016Interrelationship of interdiffusion and microstructure in thin film systemsNoah, Martin A.
2006Investigation of intergranular glassy films in polycrystalline ceramics using Transmission Electron MicroscopyBhattacharyya, Somnath