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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Phase behavior of colloidal monolayers on one-dimensional periodic and quasiperiodic light fieldsZaidouny, Lamiss
2013Phase behavior of colloidal suspensions with critical solventsMohry, Thomas F.
2006Phase transformation kinetics : the role of stressMohapatra, Goutam
2005Phase transformations in interstitial Fe-N alloysLiapina, Tatiana
2005Phase transformations in interstitial Pd-B alloysBerger, Tilmann Georg
2010Phase transformations of the NbCr2 and HfCr2 Laves phasesAufrecht, Jochen Marc
2010Phase-transformation kinetics of TiCr2 laves phasesBaumann, Wolfgang
2002Phasengleichgewichte im System Bi2O3-PbO-SrO-CaO-CuO-AgAubele, André Carsten
2003Phasenuntersuchungen im System Y-Si-Al-O-NMatusch, Dirk
2016Piezoelectric templates - new views on biomineralization and biomimeticsStitz, Nina; Eiben, Sabine; Atanasova, Petia; Domingo, Neus; Leineweber, Andreas; Burghard, Zaklina; Bill, Joachim
2005Polyelectrolyte assisted preparation and characterization of nanostructured ZnO thin filmsJia, Shijun
2015Precipitation of nitrides in iron-based binary and ternary alloys; influence of defects and transformation-misfit stressesAkhlaghi, Maryam
2005Premelting at the ice–SiO2 interface : a high-energy x-ray microbeam diffraction studyEngemann, Simon
2004Processing of carbon fiber reinforced composites with particulate-filled precursor-derived Si-C-N matrix phasesLee, Sea-Hoon
2004Quantitative Analyse von Bildkontrasten der höchstauflösenden HochspannungselektronenmikroskopieHochmeister, Klaus von
2005Reinforcement of precursor-derived Si-(B-)C-N ceramics with carbon nanotubesKatsuda, Yuji
2006Resonante magnetische Röntgenuntersuchungen an einem Co/Cu/Co-Schichtsystem und an PlatinlegierungenGrüner, Uwe
2008The role of temperature for the critical current density in high temperature superconductors and heterostructuresDjupmyr, Märit
2004Segregation and phase transformations at interfacesLópez, Gabriel Alejandro
2003Segregation of interstitial impurities at grain boundaries in transition metals : electronic structure calculationsJanisch, Rebecca