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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tailored magnetic properties of exchange-spring and ultra hard nanomagnetsSon, Kwanghyo
2001Temperature-induced direct casting of SiCLi, Ruishuo
2003Theorie magneto-optischer Effekte im Röntgenbereich und Anwendung auf niedrigdimensionale magnetische SystemeEderer, Claude
2005Thermal fatigue of Cu thin filmsMönig, Reiner
2003Thermo-mechanical behavior of NiAl thin filmsWellner, Patrick
2002Thermochemistry and constitution of precursor-derived Si-(B-)C-N ceramicsPeng, Jianqiang
2010Thermodynamic and kinetic studies on the thermal stability of amorphous Si-(B-)C-N ceramicsTavakoli, Amir Hossein
2007Thermodynamic optimization of the PbO-ZrO2-TiO2 (PZT) system and its application to the processing of composites of PZT ceramics and copperCancarevic, Marija
2012Thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations in the Fe-N-C systemWöhrle, Thomas
2015Thermodynamics and kinetics of the oxidation of amorphous Al-Zr alloysWeller, Katharina
2007Towards spin injection into siliconDash, Saroj Prasad
2004Transmission electron microscopy investigations of thin Mo and Pd films grown on SrTiO3 substratesTchernychova, Elena
2008Transport of protonic charge carriers in methyl-sulfonic-acid/water mixtures : a model for lowly hydrated sulfonic acid based ionomersTelfah, Ahmad D. S.
2017Tricritical Casimir forces in 3He -4He wetting filmsFarahmand Bafi, Nima
1981Two subroutines for calculating lattice sums and the distortion field due to a point force in hexagonal systemsMaysenhölder, Waldemar
2002Untersuchung der Struktur und des Kristallisationsverhaltens von Si-C-N- und Si-B-C-N-Precursorkeramiken mit Röntgen- und NeutronenbeugungHaug, Jörg
2016Untersuchung des Beitrages von Elektron-Magnon Streuungen zur ultraschnellen Entmagnetisierung nach Femtosekunden Laserbestrahlung ferromagnetischer FilmeHaag, Michael
2002Untersuchungen zur Plastizität und Versetzungsanordnung von StrontiumtitanatTaeri-Baghbadorani, Shahram
2000Untersuchungen zur substratinduzierten Kristallisation amorpher SiC-PrecursorkeramikenRau, Christof
2002Untersuchungen zur Thermodynamik oxidischer Lösungsphasen im System Co-Fe-Mn-OWeiland, Reinhold Jakob