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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Encoding high dynamic range and wide color gamut imageryFröhlich, Jan
2020Entwicklung eines SenseGlove-basierten Programms zur Erstellung und Manipulation von Molekülmodellen via VRGebhardt, Patrick
2019Evaluation of 2D combination of eye-tracking metrics for task distinctionMetin, Caglar Mehmet
2019Interaction concepts for collaborative reviewing and editing of large-scale 3D-models in AR/VR applicationsWruszczak, André
2015Interactive visual analysis of biomolecular simulationsKrone, Michael
2013Interactive visual analysis of vector fieldsBachthaler, Sven
2018Interactive web-based visualizationMwalongo, Finian
2017Investigation of volume rendering performance through active learning and visual analysisRoth, Stephan
2015Mapping molecular surfaces of arbitrary genus to a sphereFrieß, Florian
2017Online visualization of German power plants and their productionUllah, Kazi Riaz
2012Point-based visualization of molecular dynamics data setsGrottel, Sebastian
2010Processing of meshes and geometry for visualization applicationsBidmon, Katrin
2016Real-time ray tracing of volumetric dataRichter, Marcus
2014Strategies for efficient parallel visualizationFrey, Steffen
2015Topology and morphology of bounded vector fieldsMachado, Gustavo Mello
2020Umgang mit Forschungssoftware an der Universität StuttgartFlemisch, Bernd; Hermann, Sibylle; Holm, Christian; Mehl, Miriam; Reina, Guido; Uekermann, Benjamin; Boehringer, David; Ertl, Thomas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Iglezakis, Dorothea; Jaust, Alexander; Koch, Timo; Seeland, Anett; Weeber, Rudolf; Weik, Florian; Weishaupt, Kilian
2013Video visual analyticsHöferlin, Markus Johannes
2018Vision-based methods for evaluating visualizationsNetzel, Rudolf
2018Visual analysis of evolution and uncertainty in hierarchical dataZeyfang, Adrian
2017Visual analytics of big data from distributed systemsKutzleb, André