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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Approaches to the description of anisotropic material behaviour at finite elastic and plastic deformations : theory and numericsApel, Nikolas
2007Aspects of energy minimization in solid mechanics : evolution of inelastic microstructures and crack propagationGürses, Ercan
2014Computational modeling of ferromagnetics and magnetorheological elastomersEthiraj, Gautam
2013Hybrid micro-macro modeling of texture evolution in polycrystal plasticity based on microstructural reorientation continuaZimmermann, Ilona Andrea
2006Incompatibility and instability based size effects in crystals and composites at finite elastoplastic strainsBecker, Martin
2008Material forces in finite inelasticity and structural dynamics : topology optimization, mesh refinement and fractureZimmermann, Dominik
2016Mechanics of nonlocal dissipative solids: gradient plasticity and phase field modeling of ductile fractureAldakheel, Fadi
2005Mehrskalenmodelle in der Festkörpermechanik und Kopplung von Mehrgittermethoden mit HomogenisierungsverfahrenBayreuther, Claus
2007Micro-macro approaches to rubbery and glassy polymers : predictive micromechanically-based models and simulationsGöktepe, Serdar
2014Multi-level descriptions of failure phenomena with the strong discontinuity approachRaina, Arun
2013On the computational modeling of micromechanical phenomena in solid materialsLinder, Christian
2010On the formulation and numerical implementation of dissipative electro-mechanics at large strainsRosato, Daniele
2015Phase field modeling of fracture in rubbery and glassy polymers at finite thermo-viscoelastic deformationsSchänzel, Lisa-Marie
2006Static and dynamic homogenization analyses of discrete granular and atomistic structures on different time and length scalesDettmar, Joachim Peter
2004Temperaturabhängige Beschreibung visko-elasto-plastischer Deformationen kurzglasfaserverstärkter Thermoplaste : Modellbildung, Numerik und ExperimenteRieger, Sonja
2010Thermoviscoplasticity of glassy polymers : experimental characterization, parameter identification and model validationMéndez Diez, Joel
2011A variational framework for gradient-extended dissipative continua : application to damage mechanics, fracture, and plasticityWelschinger, Fabian Richard
2014Variational homogenization in electro-mechanics : from micro-electro-elasticity to electroactive polymersZäh, Dominic
2013Variational multifield modeling of the formation and evolution of laminate microstructureHildebrand, Felix Eberhard
2005Zur Parameteridentifikation komplexer Materialmodelle auf der Basis realer und virtueller TestdatenRieger, Andreas