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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Experimental multi-scale characterization using micro X-ray computed tomographyRuf, Matthias
2022Fast solvers for homogenization problems : fast Fourier transform- and neural network-based approachesGöküzüm, Felix Selim
2021Finite strain hyperelastic multiscale homogenization via projection, efficient sampling and concentric interpolationKunc, Oliver
2020Magneto-electro-elasticity of soft bodies across scalesRambausek, Matthias
2019Magneto-electro-mechanical coupling phenomena across multiple length scales : variational framework and stability analysisVallicotti, Daniel
2021Multiscale modelling of hydro-mechanical coupling in porous mediaOsorno Tejada, Maria Camila
2018Numerically efficient computational homogenization : Fourier-accelerated nodal solvers and reduced basis model order reductionLeuschner, Matthias
2020Phase-field modeling of microstructure and fracture evolution in magneto-electro-mechanicsSridhar, Ashish
2022Phase-field modeling of multi-field problems with applications to hydraulic-elastic-plastic fracturingKienle, Daniel
2020Saddle-point and minimization principles for diffusion in solids : phase separation, swelling and fractureBöger, Lukas
2021Simulation of coupled transfer and transport phenomena in multi-phase materials with application to polymer gelsSauerwein, Malte
2021Variational methods for dissipative multifield problems in solid mechanicsTeichtmeister, Stephan