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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analysing German verb-particle constructions with 'auf' within a DRT based frameworkLechler, Andrea; Roßdeutscher, Antje
2010A clustering approach to automatic verb classification incorporating selectional preferences: model, implementation, and user manualSchulte im Walde, Sabine; Schmid, Helmut; Wagner, Wiebke; Hying, Christian; Scheible, Christian
2008Descriptions and their domains : the patterns of definiteness marking in French-related creolesWespel, Johannes
2011Deverbal nominals in context : meaning variation and copredicationBrandtner, Regine
2009Disambiguation and reambiguationHamm, Fritz; Kamp, Hans; Solstad, Torgrim
2009Focus at the syntax-semantics interface-
2016Morphological, syntactic and semantic aspects of dispositions-
2013Ontology and argument structure in nominalizationsPross, Tillmann
2017Polysemie kausativer Verben : Entwicklung automatischer Extraktionsmethoden zur Klassifizierung des französischen VerbwortschatzesPizzolante, Laura
2012Proceedings of JeNom 4, 4èmes Journées d’Étude sur les Nominalisations - the 4th Workshop on Nominalizations-
2009Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 13-
2009Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 13. Vol. I-
2009Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 13. Vol. II-
2017The RefLex scheme - annotation guidelinesRiester, Arndt; Baumann, Stefan
2015The semantics and pragmatics of the indefinite demonstrative dieser in GermanDeichsel, Annika
2008SinSpeC 01-
2013Sub-lexical investigations: German particles, prefixes and prepositionsRoßdeutscher, Antje