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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Abflusskonzentration in mesoskaligen Einzugsgebieten unter Berücksichtigung des SickerraumesRojanschi, Vlad
2014Adaptive modelling of compositional multi-phase flow with capillary pressureFaigle, Benjamin
2013Addressing the input uncertainty for hydrological modeling by a new geostatistical methodLebrenz, Hans-Henning
2014Alkoholinjektion zur In-situ-Sanierung von CKW-Schadensherden in Grundwasserleitern : Charakterisierung der relevanten Prozesse auf unterschiedlichen SkalenGreiner, Philipp
2018Analyse des Zuppinger-Wasserrades : hydraulische Optimierungen unter Berücksichtigung ökologischer AspekteHarten, Matthias von
2019Analysis and simulation of anomalous transport in porous mediaMost, Sebastian Christopher
2011Analysis of real-world spatial dependence of subsurface hydraulic properties using copulas with a focus on solute transport behaviourHaslauer, Claus
2005Analysis of the influence of structures and boundaries on flow and transport processes in fractured porous mediaSüß, Mia
2008Application of a non-parametric classification scheme to catchment hydrologyHe, Yi
2010Application of copulas as a new geostatistical toolLi, Jing
2016Basin-scale site screening and investigation of possible impacts of CO2 storage on subsurface hydrosystemsKissinger, Alexander
2006Beanspruchung eingeerdeter Rohrleitungen infolge Austrocknung bindiger BödenFischer, Markus
2014Beyond local equilibrium : relaxing local equilibrium assumptions in multiphase flow in porous mediaNuske, Philipp
2008Calculational approach to FST-hemispheres for multiparametrical Benthos Habitat modellingKopecki, Ianina
2013Climate sensitivity of a large lakeEder, Maria Magdalena
2019Conceptual approaches for the analysis of coupled hydraulic and geomechanical processesBeck, Martin
2014Copula based stochastic analysis of discharge time seriesSugimoto, Takayuki
2018Coupled free and porous-medium flow processes affected by turbulence and roughness : models, concepts and analysisFetzer, Thomas
2014Coupling free flow and flow in porous media in biological and technical applications : from a simple to a complex interface descriptionBaber, Katherina
2013Coupling models of different complexity for the simulation of CO2 storage in deep saline aquifersDarcis, Melanie Yvonne