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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Large-scale high head pico hydropower potential assessmentSchröder, Hans Christoph
2005Linking large scale meteorological conditions to floods in mesoscale catchmentsFiliz, Fulya
2015Luftbedarf von Freistrahlturbinen im GegendruckbetriebKramer, Matthias
2013Methods for physically-based model reduction in time : analysis, comparison of methods and applicationLeube, Philipp Christoph
2018Microbial stabilization of lotic fine sedimentsSchmidt, Holger
2016Migration and retention of a heavy NAPL vapor and remediation of the unsaturated zoneKleinknecht, Simon Matthias
2020Model concepts for coupling free flow with porous medium flow at the pore-network scale : from single-phase flow to compositional non-isothermal two-phase flowWeishaupt, Kilian
2014Modeling and analysis of coupled porous-medium and free flow with application to evaporation processesMosthaf, Klaus
2012A modeling approach for alpine rivers impacted by hydropeaking including the second law inequalityTuhtan, Jeffrey Andrew
2002Modellierung von Kluftaquifersystemen: Geostatistische Analyse und deterministisch-stochastische KluftgenerierungSilberhorn-Hemminger, Annette
2012Modelling approach for interstitial sediment dynamics and reproduction of gravel-spawning fishNoack, Markus
2016Modelling biogeochemical and mass transport processes in the subsurface: investigation of microbially induced calcite precipitationHommel, Johannes
2009Modelling of biofilm growth and its influence on CO2 and water (two-phase) flow in porous mediaEbigbo, Anozie
2008Modernization criteria assessment for water resources planning; Klamath Irrigation Project, U.S.Freeman, Beau J.
2007Multi-objective and risk-based modelling methodology for planning, design and operation of water supply systemsTrifkovic, Aleksandar
2011Multi-objective automatic calibration of hydrodynamic models - development of the concept and an application in the Mekong DeltaNguyen, Viet-Dung
2012A multi-scale model for describing cancer-therapeutic transport in the human lungErbertseder, Karin Maria
2006Multi-scale modeling of multi-phase-multi-component processes in heterogeneous porous mediaNiessner, Jennifer
2013Multi-scale modeling of two-phase flow in porous media including capillary pressure effectsWolff, Markus
2017New concepts for regionalizing temporal distributions of precipitation and for its application in spatial rainfall simulationMosthaf, Tobias