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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Methods for physically-based model reduction in time : analysis, comparison of methods and applicationLeube, Philipp Christoph
2018Microbial stabilization of lotic fine sedimentsSchmidt, Holger
2016Migration and retention of a heavy NAPL vapor and remediation of the unsaturated zoneKleinknecht, Simon Matthias
2020Model concepts for coupling free flow with porous medium flow at the pore-network scale : from single-phase flow to compositional non-isothermal two-phase flowWeishaupt, Kilian
2014Modeling and analysis of coupled porous-medium and free flow with application to evaporation processesMosthaf, Klaus
2012A modeling approach for alpine rivers impacted by hydropeaking including the second law inequalityTuhtan, Jeffrey Andrew
2002Modellierung von Kluftaquifersystemen: Geostatistische Analyse und deterministisch-stochastische KluftgenerierungSilberhorn-Hemminger, Annette
2012Modelling approach for interstitial sediment dynamics and reproduction of gravel-spawning fishNoack, Markus
2016Modelling biogeochemical and mass transport processes in the subsurface: investigation of microbially induced calcite precipitationHommel, Johannes
2009Modelling of biofilm growth and its influence on CO2 and water (two-phase) flow in porous mediaEbigbo, Anozie
2008Modernization criteria assessment for water resources planning; Klamath Irrigation Project, U.S.Freeman, Beau J.
2007Multi-objective and risk-based modelling methodology for planning, design and operation of water supply systemsTrifkovic, Aleksandar
2011Multi-objective automatic calibration of hydrodynamic models - development of the concept and an application in the Mekong DeltaNguyen, Viet-Dung
2012A multi-scale model for describing cancer-therapeutic transport in the human lungErbertseder, Karin Maria
2006Multi-scale modeling of multi-phase-multi-component processes in heterogeneous porous mediaNiessner, Jennifer
2013Multi-scale modeling of two-phase flow in porous media including capillary pressure effectsWolff, Markus
2017New concepts for regionalizing temporal distributions of precipitation and for its application in spatial rainfall simulationMosthaf, Tobias
2013Non-multi-Gaussian spatial structures: process-driven natural genesis, manifestation, modeling approaches, and influences on dependent processesGuthke, Philipp
2018Nonlinear estimation of short time precipitation using weather radar and surface observationsYan, Jieru
2019Nonlinear finite volume schemes for complex flow processes and challenging gridsSchneider, Martin