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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Coupled deformation and flow processes of partially saturated soil : experiments, model validation and numerical investigationsAvci, Okan
2015Coupled problems in the mechanics of multi-physics and multi-phase materialsZinatbakhsh, Seyedmohammad
2012Damage in multi-phasic materials computed with the extended finite-element methodRempler, Hans-Uwe
2009An extended biphasic description of the inhomogeneous and anisotropic intervertebral discKarajan, Nils
2014Extended modelling of the multiphasic human brain tissue with application to drug-infusion processesWagner, Arndt
2017Fluid-phase transitions in a multiphasic model of CO2 sequestration into deep aquifers : a fully coupled analysis of transport phenomena and solid deformationHäberle, Kai
2019From particle mechanics to micromorphic continuaBidier, Sami
2014Growth, modelling and remodelling of biological tissueKrause, Robert Friedrich
2000Mikropolare Zweiphasenmodelle : Modellierung auf der Basis der Theorie Poröser MedienDiebels, Stefan
2019Model reduction applied to finite-element techniques for the solution of porous-media problemsFink, Davina
2014Multi-field modelling and simulation of the human hip jointMabuma, Joffrey
2005A multiphasic continuum mechanical model for design investigations of an effusion-cooled rocket thrust chamberGhadiani, Saeed Reza
2008Multiphasic flow processes in deformable porous media under consideration of fluid phase transitionsGraf, Tobias
2017Parallel simulation of volume-coupled multi-field problems with special application to soil dynamicsSchenke, Maik
2019A phase-field model embedded in the theory of porous media with application to hydraulic fracturingLuo, Chenyi
2005Porous media viscoelasticity with application to polymeric foamsMarkert, Bernd
2010Porous media viscoelasticity with application to polymeric foams. Second revised editionMarkert, Bernd
2012Saturated porous media dynamics with application to earthquake engineeringHeider, Yousef
2009Simulation of charged hydrated porous materialsAcartürk, Ayhan Yusuf
2000Spannungs-Verformungsverhalten granularer Materialien am Beispiel von Berliner SandMüllerschön, Heiner