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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Bericht zum Seminar über Elektro-CAD (Sommersemester 2000)-
2004A case study : verifying a mutual exclusion protocol with process creation using graph transformation systemsDotti, Fernando Luis; König, Barbara; Santos, Osmar Marchi dos; Ribeiro, Leila
1999A comparison of mechanisms for locating mobile agentsBaumann, Joachim
2000A comparison of protocols for updating location informationLeonhardi, Alexander; Rothermel, Kurt
2010Comparison of standard and Zipf-based document retrieval heuristicsHoffmann, Benjamin
2010Complexity results and the growths of hairpin completions of regular languagesDiekert, Volker; Kopecki, Steffen
2004Complexity results for checking distributed implementabilityHeljanko, Keijo; Stefanescu, Alin
1999Complexity results for confluence problemsLohrey, Markus
2002Consistent update diffusion in mobile ad hoc networksRothermel, Kurt; Becker, Christian; Hähner, Jörg
1999Constructing height-balanced multicast acknowledgment trees with the token repository serviceMaihöfer, Christian; Rothermel, Kurt
2000A context-aware hoarding mechanism for location-dependent information systemsKubach, Uwe; Rothermel, Kurt
2007Coordination protocols for split BPEL loops and scopesKhalaf, Rania; Leymann, Frank
2006Counterexample-guided abstraction refinement for the analysis of graph transformation systemsKönig, Barbara; Kozioura, Vitali
2001A delay analysis of tree-based reliable multicast protocolsMaihöfer, Christian; Rothermel, Kurt
2002A depth-cueing scheme based on linear transformations in tristimulus spaceWeiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas
2004Deriving bisimulation congruences in the DPO approach to graph rewriting. Long versionEhrig, Hartmut; König, Barbara
2005The design and implementation of a presentation system for interactive 3D graphics applicationsStegmaier, Simon; Klein, Thomas; Strengert, Magnus; Ertl, Thomas
1999Dynamic distance maps of the InternetTheilmann, Wolfgang; Rothermel, Kurt
2002A dynamic network scenario emulation toolHerrscher, Daniel; Rothermel, Kurt
2006Efficient algorithms for alternating pushdown systems : application to certificate chain discovery with threshold subjectsSuwimonteerabuth, Dejvuth; Schwoon, Stefan; Esparza, Javier