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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Final report of design workshop : (10.-15.7.2000)Nicklas, Daniela; Mitarbeiter der Forschergruppe Nexus
2001A fine-grained addressing concept for GeoCastCoschurba, Peter; Rothermel, Kurt
2005First order and counting theories of omega-automatic structuresKuske, Dietrich; Lohrey, Markus
2010First-order fragments with successor over infinite wordsKallas, Jakub; Kufleitner, Manfred; Lauser, Alexander
2005Fixpoint logics on hierarchical structuresGöller, Stefan; Lohrey, Markus
2009Fragments of first-order logic over infinite wordsDiekert, Volker; Kufleitner, Manfred
1999A framework for cooperative object recognitionOswald, Norbert; Levi, Paul
2000A framework to protect mobile agents by using reference statesHohl, Fritz
2009Implementing sparse flow-sensitive Andersen analysisStaiger-Stöhr, Stefan
2001Improving the processing of decision support queries : strategies for a DSS optimizerSchwarz, Holger; Wagner, Ralf; Mitschang, Bernhard
2006Infinite state model checking of propositional dynamic logicsGöller, Stefan; Lohrey, Markus
2007Interprocedural static single assignment form in BauhausStaiger, Stefan; Vogel, Gunther; Keul, Steffen; Wiebe, Eduard
2005Inverse monoids : decidability and complexity of algebraic questionsLohrey, Markus; Ondrusch, Nicole
2006The iterative solver template libraryBlatt, Markus; Bastian, Peter
1999Kooperative Bildverarbeitung und Lokalisierung in einem Team von RoboternOswald, Norbert; Lafrenz, Reinhard; Levi, Paul
2010A language-agnostic framework for the analysis of the syntactic structure of process fragmentsMancioppi, Michele; Danylevych, Olha; Papazoglou, Mike P.; Leymann, Frank
2005Laws for rewriting queries containing division operatorsRantzau, Ralf; Mangold, Christoph
2001Local feature histograms for object recognition from range imagesLeibe, Bastian; Hetzel, Günter; Levi, Paul
1998Makanin's algorithm for solving word equations with regular constraintsDiekert, Volker
2001A map-based dead reckoning protocol for updating location informationLeonhardi, Alexander; Nicu, Christian; Rothermel, Kurt