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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Vision and SLAM on a highly dynamic mobile two-wheeled robotSuhm, Patrick
2018Vision-based methods for evaluating visualizationsNetzel, Rudolf
2006Viskoelastizität von Polypropylen im GlasübergangWoicke, Nina
1984Viskosität flüssiger GemischePancenkov, G. M.
1986Viskosität geschmolzener MetallePancenkov, G. M.
1986Viskosität von Gemischen aus Ammoniak und Wasser bei 20°CPleskov, V. A.; Igamberdyev, I.
2018Visual analysis of evolution and uncertainty in hierarchical dataZeyfang, Adrian
2018A visual analytics approach for explainability of deep neural networksKuznecov, Paul
2014Visual analytics for production and transportation systemsWörner, Michael
2016Visual Analytics im Kontext der Daten- und Analysequalität am Beispiel von Data MashupsBehringer, Michael
2017Visual analytics of big data from distributed systemsKutzleb, André
2017Visual analytics of city dynamics using social media dataIvanov, Nikolay
2013Visual analytics of dynamic computer network dataMerkle, Fabian
2018Visual analytics of eye-tracking and video dataKurzhals, Kuno
2017Visual analytics of human mobility behaviorKrüger, Robert
2015Visual analytics of social media for situation awarenessThom, Dennis
2014Visual Analytics zur Auswertung von Eyetracking und Mousemovement-DatenHertl, Daniel
2015A visual approach for orchestrating smart devices in the internet of thingsMögerle, Matthias
2018A visual approach for probing learned modelsTagscherer, Jan
2015Visual comparison of software modularizations to multiple clustering resultsMelcher, Jan