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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998CSCW über internationale ATM-Netzwerke - SpockRainer, Daniela; Stoy, Robert
2011CUDA-accelerated delay fault simulationSchneider, Eric
2014Current distribution and Hall potential landscape within the quantum Hall effect in graphene and towards the breakdown in a (Al,Ga)As heterostructurePanos, Konstantinos
2009Current induced dynamic nuclear polarization : spintronics without magnetismKaur, Gurneet
1987Current state of optical testingTiziani, Hans J.
2014Curvature-based analysis of point cloudsAlbrecht, Lars-Alexander
1993Curvature-induced lateral phase segregation in two-component vesiclesSeifert, Udo
2017CUTE - CRETA Un-/Shared Task zu EntitätenreferenzenReiter, Nils; Blessing, André; Echelmeyer, Nora; Kremer, Gerhard; Koch, Steffen; Murr, Sandra; Overbeck, Maximilian; Pichler, Axel
2017Cuttlebone-like V2O5 nanofibre scaffolds - advances in structuring cellular solidsKnöller, Andrea; Runčevski, Tomče; Dinnebier, Robert E.; Bill, Joachim; Burghard, Zaklina
1981Cyclic and acyclic stibines with element-element bondsMundt, Otto; Rössler, Michael; Witthauer, Claudia; Becker, Gerd
1975Cyclic-AMP reception and cell recognition in dictyostelium discoideumGerisch, Günther; Malchow, Dieter; Huesgen, Adolfine; Nanjundiah, Vidyanand; Roos, Werner; Wick, Ursula; Hülser, Dieter F.
1966Cycloaddition of azosulfones and sulfonyliminesEffenberger, Franz; Maier, Roland
1969Cycloadditionen an 1,1-DicyclopropyläthylenEffenberger, Franz; Podszun, Wolfgang
1966Cycloadditionen mit Azosulfonen und SulfonyliminenEffenberger, Franz; Maier, Roland
1974Cycloadditionen von Tetracyanäthylen und Sulfonylisocyanaten an Cyclopropylolefine und Enoläther (Enoläther ; 11)Effenberger, Franz; Gerlach, Ottmar
1969Cycloadditions to 1,1-DicyclopropylethyleneEffenberger, Franz; Podszun, Wolfgang
2007CYP102A P450 monooxygenases: comparative analysis and construction of cytochrome P450 chimeraEiben, Sabine
2008Cytochrom P450-Monooxygenasen : Modellierung, Datenbankanalyse und experimentelle Charakterisierung neuer EnzymvariantenSeifert, Alexander
2013Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases : a study of the synthesis of industrial relevant aliphatic &#969;-hydroxy productsScheps, Daniel
1977Cytokinin stimulation of lipid synthesis in leaves : [abstract]Schweizer, Jürgen; Allmendinger, M.; Kull, Ulrich