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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Costs and effectiveness of measures to reduce SO2-emissions : a decision support analysisFriedrich, Rainer; Ruff, E.; Voß, Alfred
2006Coulomb Drag and Jahn-Teller effect in two-dimensional electron systems in strong magnetic fieldsBrener, Sergej
2006Counterexample-guided abstraction refinement for the analysis of graph transformation systemsKönig, Barbara; Kozioura, Vitali
2013Coupled deformation and flow processes of partially saturated soil : experiments, model validation and numerical investigationsAvci, Okan
1993Coupled director and layer reorientation in layer tilted ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal cellsGießelmann, Frank; Zugenmaier, Peter
1992Coupled electron pair calculations for R–C&#8801;E molecules (E = N, P, As or Sb)Schmidt, H. M.; Stoll, Hermann; Preuss, Heinzwerner; Becker, Gerd; Mundt, Otto
2017Coupled fabric deformation and infusion process simulationSirtautas, Justas
2010Coupled flow field and heat transfer in an advanced internal cooling schemeColetti, Filippo
2018Coupled free and porous-medium flow processes affected by turbulence and roughness : models, concepts and analysisFetzer, Thomas
2015Coupled MBS-CFD simulation of the IDEOL floating offshore wind turbine foundation compared to wave tank model test dataBeyer, Friedemann; Choisnet, Thomas; Kretschmer, Matthias; Cheng, Po Wen
2018Coupled metal hydride reactions for preheating vehicle components at low temperaturesKölbig, Mila
2006Coupled neutronics thermal hydraulics analysis of a high-performance light-water reactor fuel assemblyWaata, Christine Lylin
2015Coupled problems in the mechanics of multi-physics and multi-phase materialsZinatbakhsh, Seyedmohammad
2016Coupled thermo-mechanical inelastic analysis of reinforced concrete flexural members subjected to fire loadsLakhani, Hitesh; Sharma, Akanshu; Hofmann, Jan
2017Coupling DuMuX and DUNE-PDELab to investigate evaporation at the interface between Darcy and Navier-Stokes flowGrüninger, Christoph; Fetzer, Thomas; Flemisch, Bernd; Helmig, Rainer
1987Coupling engineering workstations to a database serverHärder, Theo; Hübel, Christoph; Meyer-Wegener, Klaus; Mitschang, Bernhard
2014Coupling free flow and flow in porous media in biological and technical applications : from a simple to a complex interface descriptionBaber, Katherina
2013Coupling models of different complexity for the simulation of CO2 storage in deep saline aquifersDarcis, Melanie Yvonne
2017Coupling of particle simulation and lattice Boltzmann background flow on adaptive gridsBrunn, Malte
2011Coupling of porous media flow with pipe flowDogan, Mehmet Onur