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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Dynamical mean-field theory for manganitesYang, Yi-Feng
1994Dynamical measurements in vehicles by transputer technologyEismann, Wolfgang; Schiehlen, Werner
1994Dynamics and control of nonholonomic mobile robot systemsSchiehlen, Werner
2008Dynamics and defects of complex crystals and quasicrystals : perspectives from simple model systemsEngel, Michael
2007Dynamics and energetics of walking with prosthesesAckermann, Marko
2009Dynamics and regulation of the central carbon metabolism in Escherichia coli during fed-batch cultivationsHardiman, Timo
2013Dynamics and structure analysis of coherent turbulent structures at the boundary of toroidally confined plasmasFuchert, Golo
2015Dynamics and thermodynamics of molecular motor-cargo systemsZimmermann, Eva
1994Dynamics of a bound membraneSeifert, Udo
2019Dynamics of cable-driven parallel robots with elastic and flexible, time-varying length cablesTempel, Philipp
2010Dynamics of complex fluids at liquid-solid interfacesAlmenar Egea, Laura
2019Dynamics of finite-dimensional mechanical systemsWinandy, Tom
1988Dynamics of polarization growth and polarization reversal in PVDF filmsWomes, Manfred; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1989Dynamics of polarization growth and reversal in PVDF filmsWomes, Manfred; Bihler, Eckardt; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
1991Dynamics of poling PVDF between 25°C and 120°CEberle, Gernot; Eisenmenger, Wolfgang
2003Dynamics of the doped one-dimensional t-J model from quantum Monte Carlo simulationsLavalle, Catia
2008Dynamics of the preprotein translocase of the mitochondrial outer membranePoynor, Melissa Ann
2005Dynamik magnetisch eingeschlossener Plasmen am L-H Übergang : Untersuchung mit Hilfe von Doppler-Reflektometrie im Tokamak ASDEX UpgradeKlenge, Stefan
2018Dynamik und Trennflächen für getriebene Systeme mit zwei zeitabhängigen SattelpunktenReiff, Johannes
2002Dynamik von Disklinationen in anisotropen FluidenReichenstein, Michael