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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013C.W.-X-Band- und Puls-Q-Band-ESR-Untersuchungen an Übergangsmetallzentren in Zeolithen und an paramagnetischen Alkalimetall-FulleridenKromer, Alexander
1991C02-Minderungsmöglichkeiten im KraftwerkssektorFahl, Ulrich; Schaumann, Peter; Voß, Alfred
2012Cache-effiziente Block-Matrix-Löser für die Partition of Unity MethodeGründer, Patrick
2016Caching concept for mobile engineering appsSteffl, Michael
2012CAD feature recognition of machining partsErbas, Dursun Kemal
1993CAD modeling, multibody system formalisms and visualization : an integrated approachDaberkow, Andreas; Kreuzer, Edwin; Leister, Günter; Schiehlen, Werner
2002CAD-integrierte Zuverlässigkeitsanalyse und -optimierungRuppert, Heiko
2005The Cahn-Larché system : a model for spinodal decomposition in eutectic solder ; modelling, analysis and simulationMerkle, Thomas
1992Calcium-bis{[tris(trimethylsilyl)silyl]tellanid} · 4 THF : Synthese, spektroskopische Charakterisierung und StrukturBecker, Gerd; Klinkhammer, Karl Wilhelm; Schwarz, Wolfgang; Westerhausen, Matthias; Hildenbrand, Thomas
2020Calculation of pure substance and mixture viscosities using PCP-SAFT and entropy scalingLötgering-Lin, Oliver
2018Calculation of reaction rate constants via instanton theory in the canonical and microcanonical ensembleLöhle, Andreas
2008Calculational approach to FST-hemispheres for multiparametrical Benthos Habitat modellingKopecki, Ianina
1982Calculations of point-defect properties in copper, silver, and gold based on three-body interactionsBauer, Rolf; Maysenhölder, Waldemar; Seeger, Alfred
1992Calibration of the inclined contour planes formed on ESPI and optimization of ESPI optical system for contouringDiao, Hongyan; Zou, Yunlu; Peng, Xiang; Tiziani, Hans J.; Chen, L.
1981Calw, Gf.en v.Quarthal, Franz
1990Cambio social y cultura política : el caso de la República Federal de AlemaniaGabriel, Oscar W.
2002CAMTOS - a software suite combining direct and indirect trajectory optimization methodsGath, Peter Friedrich
2018A canonical language for complex event processing systemsMahmoodi, Saeed
2013CAP (Computer Aided Planning) mit BPMN-Editoren - ein VergleichGerzmann, Stefan; Kostka, Matthias; Meyer, Matthias
2015Capability of pulse-limited satellite radar altimetry to monitor inland water bodiesRoohi, Shirzad