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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983V. G. &#352;uchov und seine netzförmigen KonstruktionenScerbo, G. M.
1993Vakuumgreifer : Flexibilitätssteigerung durch Anpassung an das TeilespektrumHeisel, Uwe; Schwock, Stefan
1993Validation and analysis of linear distillation models for controller designAmrhein, Michael; Allgöwer, Frank; Marquardt, Wolfgang
2019A Validation of Cognitive Complexity as a Measure of Source Code UnderstandabilityMuñoz Barón, Marvin
2016Validation of INNWIND.EU scaled model tests of a semisubmersible floating wind turbineKoch, Christian; Lemmer, Frank; Borisade, Friedemann; Matha, Denis; Cheng, Po Wen
2013Validation of the software package IMD for molecular dynamics simulations of laser induced ablation for micro propulsionFörster, Daniel J.
2016Validierung eines gekoppelten Simulationsmodells schwimmender Windkraftanlagen mit Hilfe von ModellversuchenKoch, Christian
2003Validierung komponentenbasierter Software für EchtzeitsystemeFleisch, Wolfgang
2016Validierung von Reaktionsmechanismen für biogene KraftstoffkomponentenSchuler, Dominik Friedemann
2012Validierung von Straßenkarten mit Hilfe einer Android APPTian, Penghao
2016Validity and attractivity of amplitude equationsSanei Kashani, Kourosh
1992The validity of modulation equations for extended systems with cubic nonlinearitiesKirrmann, Pius; Schneider, Guido; Mielke, Alexander
2019Validity of the nonlinear Schrödinger approximation for quasilinear dispersive systemsHeß, Max
2014The validity of the Nonlinear Schrödinger approximation in higher space dimensionsHermann, Alina
2018Valorization of biorefinery side streams and systemic analysis of the adaptation towards anaerobiosis - studies with Corynebacterium glutamicumLange, Julian
2017Valorization of pyrolysis water: a biorefinery side stream, for 1,2‑propanediol production with engineered Corynebacterium glutamicumLange, Julian; Müller, Felix; Bernecker, Kerstin; Dahmen, Nicolaus; Takors, Ralf; Blombach, Bastian
2018The value of concentrating solar power for a sustainable electricity supply in Europe, Middle East and North AfricaHess, Denis
2009Variable-density swirl-enhanced mixing within the lower plenum of high-temperature nuclear reactorsLavante, Dominik von
2008Variance-covariance matrix estimation with LSQR in a parallel programming environmentGuo, Ronggang
2019Variant Management for Technical Architecture of Highly-Automated Driving SystemsYoon, Jung-A