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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Nachhaltigkeit in der Energieversorgung - relevante Stromerzeugungstechniken auf dem PrüfstandVoß, Alfred
2015Naming the pain in requirements engineering: a design for a global family of surveys and first results from GermanyMéndez Fernández, Daniel; Wagner, Stefan
1999Iterative nonlinear joint transform correlation for the detection of objects in cluttered scenesHaist, Tobias; Tiziani, Hans J.
1998Positioning of noncooperative objects using joint transform correlation combined with fringe projectionHaist, Tobias; Schönleber, Martin; Tiziani, Hans J.
2014Introduction of static quality analysis in small- and medium-sized software enterprises: experiences from technology transferGleirscher, Mario; Golubitskiy, Dmitriy; Irlbeck, Maximilian; Wagner, Stefan
1998Optical detection of random features for high security applicationsHaist, Tobias; Tiziani, Hans J.
2016At ease with your warnings: the principles of the salutogenesis model applied to automatic static analysisOstberg, Jan-Peter; Wagner, Stefan
2014ERA - Energy-based reliability analysis - Energiebasierte ZuverlässigkeitsanalyseKemmler, Stefan; Koller, Oliver; Bertsche, Bernd
1987Kapitel 3, GrundwasserhydraulikKobus, Helmut; Spitz, Karlheinz
2002Development, validation, and application of an acetylcholinesterase-biosensor test for the direct detection of insecticide residues in infant foodSchulze, Holger; Scherbaum, Ellen; Anastassiades, Michelangelo; Vorlová, Sandra; Schmid, Rolf D.; Bachmann, Till T.